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Avicii @ Up & Down Barcelona

Tomorrow night, courtesy of the legendary Kyke Navarro, Avicii takes his talents to Up & Down aka Oshum in Barcelona

Tickets available HERE.

Should be a hectic night. I had the pleasure of DJing at Oshum last month. One of the cooler gigs of my life. Here’s a video taken from that night.

1)Drowning (Avicii Remix)-Armin Van Buuren

Somehow I never got around to posting this track. It’s a doozie though. A lot of the credit has to go to Laura V’s vocals.




100 (Edit) – Nic Chagall, Rank 1, Wippenberg


A bit more trancey, exotic and islandy rather than hard-hitting, this track is in Armin’s and Above & Beyond’s arsenal. It simply puts you in euphoria with its beautiful build up and high notes.


Moving Sucks

I literally have no time to post a track today. I am not gonna leave you without anything to snack on though…



Waves of Change

This is a track I’ve been meaning to post since forever,

Infact I’m surprised I haven’t since that finook Kopedale had it on repeat the entire last semester.

1) Waves of Change (Kaskade Remix)

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) **B10 Highly Reccomends**

This is one of those tracks that really makes you want to roll face. So much so that if you put it on really loud on the nicest sound system you own, close your eyes, and get into the beat you may very well transport yourself to that euphoric/nostalgic place that you are looking for. Regardless of all of that it’s an amazing record and one that you ought to have in your library.


Boom. I’m a believer.

1) Sofi Needs a Ladder (Coachella Set Rip)- Deadmau5


Unreleased track, so the best quality we have is a set-rip, but when this song comes out, it is going to be the jammmmmm.

Soon as it drops I will hit you with it…


It’s time to show some love for another blog that has been doing serious work lately,

Besides being personal friends of ours, These guys have been fine purveyors of Dance Music for over a year now.

When the blog suddenly became stagnant for two months, many of us (myself included) wondered whether our ears would ever be graced with the bangers that they bequeath regularly.

Emerging recently with a stronger focus on House Music, Dre and Lev have been merking it lately, so if you haven’t peeped their blog yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Regularly.

And now, for some tunes that the Beavers would definitely approve of.

1) We Can’t Hear Anybody Out There (Original Mix)-Chuckie


I have never heard some Chuckie that I don’t like. This one starts out surprisingly trancy, but comes in at the 1:50ish mark into something much more familiar for the Dutch-oriented producer. I’m loving it.


Unitard: “ESCAPE ME!”

Vagina: “With pleasure.”

1) Escape Me (Avicii Remix At Night)-DJ Tiesto


Tiesto does it again, with a steady shot of umph from Avicii. Mansouri told me to dig up this track, so I immediately obliged because homie knows his House Music. How pleased was I to find a track that had all the trancey epic-ness that you’d expect from a Tiesto track with a more party-centric bassline to keep the intensity at an all-time high throughout the entirety of this masterpiece