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Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner + Will I Am=Radio Banger

Some people think that the Black Eyed Peas are ruining Electronic Dance Music. I beg to differ. People, isn’t this exactly what we wanted? Tasteful pop music? It was inevitable that dance music permeated the mainstream, look no further than the trending of Ultra & Coachella ticket sales for proof. Yes, there will be some “scenesters” at your show, there will be some jappy girls who just want Facebook pictures wearing ridiculous outfits, but don’t get jealous because you “liked it first”, be happy that the artists can finally turn out a good profit for the music they are creating. If this is the future of Top40, I’m ok with it.

1)Forever (Radio Edit)-Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will I Am *Hot*

You have to wonder how good a dub of this track would be though hahaha. I keed I keed.



Madison goes Dance Crazy

The Dance Music craze is here, and whether you want to be a part of it or not, you can’t deny the influence it is having in the Music sphere these days. With the help of myself and other individuals on campus, Madison is now at the start of its Golden Age of dance music. A testament to this? The two incredible shows we have coming up this month.

Both of these DJs were featured in the Essential Mix (a 2 Hour Mix show on BBC Radio 1) in back to back weeks. Listen to their mixes, and find yourself utterly captivated at how different, but amazing, their sounds and styles are.


1)Avicii Essential Mix 11-12-10 (MEDIAFIRE LINK)

This was shocking as we saw this production seemingly evolve from a futile grassroots viral campaign to a reality within the span of a week. Props must be given to Alex Mayer and the PSG for taking on such a risky production, but the talent for this show is immense, and the venue is taking on the necessary renovations to host such an incredible artist. Avicii’s sets are melodic, sensual, and his pacing is remarkable. While many young artists seem to become jaded by the fame, Avicii seems more appreciative and grateful that fans dig his productions. This feeling is tangible when he’s DJing.



2)Wolfgang Gartner Essential Mix 11-06-10 (MEDIAFIRE LINK)

This was a no-brainer. The best American DJ, playing in Chicago the night prior, no Sunday show scheduled, I made an offer immediately. Wolfgang Gartner’s DJ sets are a capricious, chaotic, unrelenting electro-house spectacle that will leave you sweaty, repulsive, and begging for more. Harvard Bass was the cherry on top.


So there you have it Madison. Consider this a taste of what’s to come next year, ps.


T-Minus 17 Days

Wolfgang Gartner’s tour began last night, along with the reveal of his new DJ Set-up, a structure developed by the same people who created Daft Punk’s iconic “Pyramid”. 17 Days until he demolishes Madison and leaves us all in a pool of our own tiger-blood begging for more.

Tickets are going fast, if you are yet to pick them up, you can do so HERE.

1)Killer (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner **Dumb Hot**

Along with his success Wolfgang has begun re-releasing many of his old records which never got that much play along his rapid ascension to fame. This gem is amongst them.


(Ready or Not) Wolfgang is Coming

Wolfgang Is Coming To Madison!

The Majestic Theatre is going to be rocking.

Did I mention Harvard Bass & Jack Mulqueen are opening support?

Ugh. I cannot wait. I think about it every minute of every day.

1) Bounce (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner ***FUEGO***

This track has so much bounce. It’s a 10. It starts out as a 9, but at 3:00 this random break comes in which builds up and then drops into these amazingly warped 8-bit synths that could melt brains Raiders of the Lost Ark style.

This is your face after that synth progression.


Hit The Club

Big week ahead at Big10. Some amazing tunes, a massive track from B10’s own Matty Sterling, a recap of my return to NYC, and some breaking Concert news. Stay tuned!

1)Hit The Club (MightyFools Remix)-Will Bailey ***FUEGO***

A very strong track to start the week. This record can demolish dancefloors. Need proof? See below.


Merry Christmas from!

What a wonderful time to be with family, drink egg-nog, listen to house music, and sleep with people who were in your high-school scene!

Here are 3 Must-have tracks.

1)Blow Up/Pump Up the Jam (SHM Bootleg)-Hard Rock Sofa & St Brothers ***FUEGO*** (set-rip)

Consider this an appetizer, a little taste of what to expect from the next big release on Axwell’s Axtone Records. The EP is set to have remixes from Hook & Sling and Axwell himself. I had a chance to listen to the Hook & Sling remix on tonight’s essential mix, and let me say, it is one of the biggest tracks I have heard in a very long time. This set-rip should hold you over until the actual release.

2)Space Junk (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner ***Fuego***

I know, I’m a bit slow posting this one, but it really has grown on me. Now I can’t stop listening to it. Cant wait to see Wolfgang next friday closing up TAO. I may die when he drops this. Expect a video. I’ll try to keep the geeking out to a minimum. Ps. whats up Dina!

3)Take Over Control (Manufactured Superstars & Jeziel Quintela Remix)-Afrojack ***Fuego***

Swagger-jacked from my homie Lev at Chubbybeavers. I almost didn’t download this, my rationale being, “Well, any time I’d play TOC I’d probably drop the Barletta remix…” Not so fast Jacky-boy. This proggy banger smoothes out the edges and highlights Eva Simmons’ vocals. Loving it.

Enjoy the Holidays peeps!


Serious Blog Lovin’: Lucky Date

Dillon Breslin is a very good friend.

But the nicest thing he ever did for me was tune me into fellow Columbia College student and Dirty Electro Maven, Lucky Date. Essentially, I dont know where he gets his sample-packs from, but Lucky Date has been able to come up with sounds that I didn’t even know exist. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re bringing him to Madison for a show next semester (Get at me Jordan!)

WARNING: For the sake of those around you, please give yourself ample elbow-room before listening to any of these tracks. Thank you.

1)The Anthem (Lucky Date Remix)-Zedd

This track, in my mind, was the logical starting point in your journey through Lucky Date’s warped dirty electro world where sounds are perceived in a completely different way and ultimately wind up coming together in a beautiful ragetacular symphony of chaos.

2)Latin Fever (Lucky Date Remix)-Wolfgang Gartner

The drop! oh my.

3)What You Need (Lucky Date Remix)-Tiga

This one should be called “What You Need” only in name, as, with the exception of some minor vocal sampling, this is entirely Lucky Date’s original production. I am wowed. I encourage you to listen to the original mix of this track to see just what Jordan has accomplished.

4)Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix)-Spencer & Hill

Sorry, I can only stream this one. But if you like what you hear, head to Beatport and cop it. This one hit the Beatport top10 in electro-house, and for very good reason. Beware the hidden Dubstep break. Disgusting!