House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


T-Minus One Day

Champagne will be popped,

Bangers will be dropped.

Make sure you are in attendance

I have such a surplus of new fuego to post over the next couple of days. You’re in for a great Thanksgiving Break.

1) Valodja (Rolvaro Rework)-Steve Angello feat. An21

Any DJ knows the frustration of dropping Valodja. It’s such a banger, but the build-up takes forever and can kill a party. Rolvaro fixes that.

2) Through The Prism (The 2000 Remix)– Designer Drugs  *Hot*

Consider this your first notification that I’m bringing Designer Drugs to the Orpheum next semester…That came out wrong.

3) Any Which Way (Carte Blanche Remix)-Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters and House Music is a match made in heaven.