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Mash Up Master at Work

Kaskade crushes. Enough said…

#1) Angel on My Shoulder Reaver 76 (Kaskade Mash Up) – Kaskade vs. Tiesto, Hardwell & EDX

Dope lyrics vs. epic drop of the new Tiesto & Hardwell banger. **Must Download**

#2) Coming Home at 4 AM (Kaskade Mash Up) – Kaskade, Diddy, Dirty Money, & Dirty South

Flawless use of both track’s lyrics. Baby-making music?

#3) Move For First Aid (Kaskade Mash Up) – Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Michael Woods

Might need some first aid for your ear drums after this one. BOOM.



Pay Attention: Angger Dimas

What if I told you that a 19 year-old Indonesian kid who can barely speak English is the next Laidback Luke?

What if I told you that Laidback Luke himself is mentoring this kid?

Enter Angger Dimas.

1) All You (Angger Dimas Remix)-Kaskade ***Record Of The Week***

This is a beautiful, unique track, because it is able to capture the essence of both artists so perfectly. Often when records are remixed, the remixer strives so hard to provide his own original sound that he can overpower the intentions of the original release. Angger is able to augment the record with his hard dutch sound, while capturing the massive, captivating sound that is so essentially Kaskade. The result is a cacophony of amazingness.

2) Doomsday (Original Mix)-Angger Dimas **Dumb Hot**

Angger crushes the Dutch sound with this one. Afrojack and Diplo would be proud. If implemented correctly in one’s DJ sets, this song can crush the dancefloor in one fell swoop. DJs try this: play a record with a lot of white noise, loop a benign 16-bars with no vocals, build this one until the drop, flip it, boom. Dancefloor crushed. The stark absence of any white noise provides a contrast that will melt people’s faces.

3) Swallow (Angger Dimas Remix)-Crystal Fighters

Massive vocals. This is the kind of record that could keep the dancefloor’s intensity up late into the night.

UPDATE: My man Wyatt bumped out this sick edit of an Angger remix on his soundcloud. Peep!



That party popped real hard.

1) Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan and Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Recommends*

Korman showed me this track. I field tested it last night with amazing results.



What an Effing Night

Wow. Where to begin.

Ok, First off, 4/6th of the Big10HouseMafia was present…That’s always a tremendous start.

Second off, I think I may have met my soulmate, but get this-There was a point where Aoki dropped Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix) which, if you have ever seen me gig, you know is one of my absolute favorite tracks. Next thing I know this girl is screaming “Y’all Mothafuckaz Know Who This Is”…My heart melted.

THIRD OFF! I wake up at 6:30 because my phone is blowing up, and come downstairs to find a keyless, walletless, shirtless, shoeless, fucked up beyond all human regard Kope begging me to let him into Za’s. Talk about Epic!!!

Everybody needs to give mad fucking props to my boys ZACH RUBEN and TREVOR GEORGE for putting together such a ridiculous party.

1) Fire in Your New Shoes vs. One- Kaskade & Swedish House Mafia


To think that the whole night started with getting fucked up at the Tornado Room, going back to Lucky, and doing the Pizza-Boy while blasting this track which Trevor and Chad were kind enough to impart upon me. Serious banger though. As Trevor so tastefully put it, “This track shits on Pharrel’s Name remix.” Once you hear it, I think you will agree whole-heartedly.

PS. What an opportune time to ruin the surprise that All 5 Big10HouseMafia DJs will be spinning an EPIC Big10 party  the Friday night of Mich vs. Wisc Football Weekend. save the date.

Forever Yours,



After living in the mud for the past week at Bonnaroo, I can make my first post with some tracks that stood out from the unique festival. The highlight sets featured DieselBoy, Afrojack, Kaskade, The Crystal Method, and of course Deadmau5. Here is the best track from each set:

DieselBoy: Known mainly to me as a DnB artist, he really brought on a lot of dubstep and was able to pick up the tempo back to Drum n Bass flawlessly. This remix he dropped of Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” really got the crowd amped before he went back to some DnB to close.
Muse– Knights of Cydonia (Notalagia Dubstep Remix)

Afrojack: The best set of the entire weekend belongs to this Dutch man. Absolutely crushed it. Its tough to pick one track, especially with his opening rework of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” just elevating the crowd to a new level. However, Afrojack acted out the words as the crowd went wild to the infamous rhythms of “Insomnia” which may have been my highlight of the festival. The remix hasn’t been released so we’ll have to settle with his remix of “Watcha Say” which closed his set.
Jason DeRulo – Watcha Say (Afrojack Remix)

Kaskade: Poor planning on the festival’s part putting Kaskade and Mau5 on at the same time, but still was able to catch half his set which had the potential to easily be the best. Opening with “Angel on My Shoulder” and leaving after he dropped Afrojack’s “Pacha on Acid,” the highlight came when he dropped a track from his new album Dynasty.
Kaskade & EDX (feat Haley)- Don’t Stop Dancing

Deadmau5: If you havent seen Deadmau5 stop what you are doing and go grab tickets to his show as he’s touring RIGHT NOW. The set up is out of this world and visually is one of the coolest shows you may ever see. Just check out the Youtube link, enough said.
Deadmau5– “Sometimes Things Get Complicated” (Deadmau5 2nd Cut)


JMarky I hate to steal your thunder, because you showed me this album, but you forgot to post my favorite song

1) Call Out- Kaskade

I think the reason this song stuck out to me was that amidst all of the epic production of Kaskade’s new album, this one is so minimalistic/proggy. It also distinctly reminded me of one of my favorite house jams of all time, 2001’s Touch Me by DJ Tiesto. The stripped-down nature of the beat, affected/entrancing vocals of Mindy Gledhill, and the driving bass make this one an instant add to the “Bed :)” playlist. That’s not what mine is actually called ps…Although it is the name of one of my friend’s….I’m not throwing him under the bus though so I won’t mention any names. You know who you are you smug sunuvabitch.

(click here to download)

Bonus: Touch Me-DJ Tiesto

I couldn’t leave you searching for the aforementioned song. I also noticed a distinct dearth of Tiesto on this blog. so here you go. Enjoy a classic.

(click here to download)