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All settled in back in lalaland and now it’s back to my LA roots. Sorry east coast, but we do a lot of things best: We have the best basketball franchise and player in the world, we have sun all day everyday, we have the best buds and I’d say the best music comes out of LA. Please do correct me if I’m mistaken.

I’d be lying I told you I wasn’t a little nervous right now because I just wired over a G to Liverpool, England for 8th row dead center tickets to Game 2. I’m fucking pumped. Been a Laker fan ever since I can remember and getting the chance to go to The Finals for the first time is something that will live with me forever. Boston and Paul Pierce can suck on this because they sure as hell are not winning shit. Already envisioning the parade at the end of the month and the ring ceremony in the fall. Jae “Why is Shy Guy So Shy Guy, Guyland” Shock…sorry buddy

I’m a little agitated at the moment because I had to pick up my housekeeper at 8 fucking am at the bus stop after being out til and drinking til 4…not a recommended combo. But I mean, whats picking up the housekeeper to me when I got the house to myself for the entire weekend 😉 Can you say classic Markell rager? I can… “classic Markell rager”

Anywho, I’m about to put you on to three of the best LA songs in my opinion in chronological order:

1) I Love L.A. – Randy Newman

I mean Randy Newman is the main main homie. Everytime I hear this song I just think of all the good times at the Forum and Staples after Kobe buzzer beaters, unrivaled body rushes and 20,000 people coming together taking pride in their city and basketball organization. I mean, c’mon this song is amazing. It starts off slow, but at about the 40 sec mark when the beat kicks in oooo baby. This guy Randy Newman, no big deal, he just did the scores and soundtracks for Toy Story and wrote “Why Can’t We Be Friends” not to mention his kids went to my school. What a G

(Click here to download) (D2D Highly Recommends)

2) The L.A. Song – People Under The Stairs

This one brings me back. Classic burnage song with the homies, shout outs to Spliff, Gooch and Kareem. People Under The Stairs have been rocking the L.A. underground rap scene for years now, and their songs have become timeless. I highly encourage you to check out the rest of their material, especially “Acid Raindrops” and “San Francisco Knights”

(Click here to download)

3) We Run L.A. (Dance Remix) – Dr. Hollywood

Almost as epic as Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” beat, this catchy yet cheesy beat is quite amazing. You just wanna drive around with the top down boppin yo heeaad to it with splendid views of the city. Met the homie Dr. Hollywood out the other night…normal looking white dude. Ehh…I guess he was alright.

(Click here to download)



The new COOL KIDS mixtape, “Tacklebox” dropped yesterday and it is FUEGO.

You can download it for free HERE

More tracks to come tomorrow but here’s my #1

1) Good Afternoon-The Cool Kids

First off, phat shout to The Doors. I’m loving the sample of “Riders on the Storm” that these guys bust in the beginning. What I love about this cut besides its laid-back nature that makes it perfect for burning an L to is how you can truly feel the different styles of both Mikey and Chuck, whereas in some of their previous works they had a very similar flow. It’s amazing to see both of these MCs come into their own as they develop their own styles of flow.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Reccomends)

4/20 MEGAPOST!!!

Today’s an important day for many of you, so here are some fresh goodies perfect  for your playlist as you celebrate the festivities.

1) Weed Song- Bone Thugz In Harmony

What I’ve heard from the new Bone Thugz album left me very underwhelmed, but this track always hits the spot. Vintage Bone Thugz at their finest.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

2) Hyyerr- Chip Tha Rippa feat. Kid Cudi

Watch out for Chip Tha Rippa. With a large build, a gruff voice in the same vein as Rick Ross, and the support of his best friend and partner in crime Kid Cudi, Chip could very well become a household name within the next couple of years. This song features some very Cleveland/BoneThugzesque harmonies that gel brilliantly.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

3) Movie- Chip Tha Rippa

There’s a reason Chip is the only artist featured twice on this list. His shit was made to burn one down to. Listen, and if you like it, I reccomend downloading his two mixtapes, Can’t Stop Me (D2D Highly Reccomends) and The Cleveland Show. Click below to download my favorite track off “The Cleveland Show” though.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Recommends)

4) Today Was A Good Day-Ice Cube

How could I not include the all-time jam? If you don’t have this song in your library already, you need to download this immediately.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

5) Spottieottiedopaliscious- Outkast

My good friend and former roomate Andrew Jacobs first tuned me into this track freshman year. I don’t know how it had escaped my ears that entire time. This song remains one of my favorite tracks of all time, although it is not your typical outkast track, it draws influence from big band and funk to produce a unique sound that is perfect for your extracurriculars.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

6) Rat Race- Bob Marley

How could I not throw a little Bob into the mix? My all-time favorite Bob Marley song.

(click here to download)

7) Pussy, Money, Weed- Lil Wayne

This may be one of the better Lil Wayne songs ever dropped. The title alone is amazing, the lyrics-a complex love song to 3 of man’s favorite vices.

(click here to download)

8) I’m a Blunt Being Smoked- KRS-One

I mean, it’s a song from the perspective of a blunt being smoked….how could I not post it?

(click here to download)

9) Substance Abuse-Smoke DZA

The titular track from Smoke Dza’s critically acclaimed mixtape features such a nasty beat, and the subject matter is very appropriate. I encourage you to download the entire mixtape HERE if you enjoy the track.

(click here to download)

10) Good Times- Styles P

Probably the most fitting track in this post, this song also shares its name with my favorite head-shop in Burlington, Vermont. Download it.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Reccomends)

Finally, I know first and foremost that this is a dance music blog, so howabout a little synergy?

11) I Get High-Hostage

Sampling the same track as “Good Times”, “I Get High On Your Memory”, this track brings it down in the beginning. It get’s a little too wobbly/dubby during the breakdown but quickly picks it back up

(click here to download)

UPDATE: Peep the new drop from my good family-friend DJ ROSS ROSSCO. Super-Fire “I Got 5 On It” 4/20 Remix: I\’ve Got 5 On It 4/20 DJ ROSS ROSSCO Blend

Have a nice day!