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Concert Preview: A-Trak @ The Majestic TOMORROW

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: At the ripe age of 29, Alain “A-trak” Macklovitch has accomplished more than most musicians do in a lifetime. Coming from a musically inclined family, (His older brother Dave is the front-man of Chromeo), A-trak busted onto the scene at 15 years old, winning DMC (It’s essentially the Super-Bowl of DJ-scratching) at age 15, 16, and 17, until he was no longer allowed to compete. In 2004, at the age of 21, A-trak became Kanye West’s tour DJ. Pretty sweet gig for a 21 year-old. He went on to begin producing bangers, and founded his own record label, Fools Gold Records, in 2007.In 2009, A-trak formed the DJ/Production tandem “Duck Sauce” with Armand Van Helden, and has since achieved enormous commercial success with the duo’s major single “Barbra Streisand”. In summary: he’s the shit.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect to be rocked. Expect an expertly-crafted set, with unparalleled turntablism, dope scratching over hip-hop beats, electro-house bangers, and some funky disco-house. Generally, professional electro-house DJs are seen as pussies if they still have lap-tops/Serato. A-trak is the only one who can get away with it because his scratching is so filthy. I mean, the guy is still rocking the Technic 1200’s and in the age of CDJ’s that speaks to his artistry. On top of that, the event is being shot by my good friend, Kirill, who happens to be the most sought-after party photographer in the world right now. Check out Kirill’s website HERE.


1) Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)-Yeah Yeah Yeahs ***FUEGO***

If you haven’t heard this you’ve been living under a rock for the past year. Either that or you are playing waaaay too much World of Warcraft.

2)Anyway-Duck Sauce ***DISCO FUEGS***

Barbra Streisand was the first Duck Sauce release to receive major commercial success, but this stands in my mind as the best production that the duo has concocted thus far.

3)Indestructable (A-Trak Remix)-Robyn

Right when I thought Laidback Luke’s remix would be the only one I would ever play, A-trak hits me with the violin concerto and driving 80’s-inspired bass-line.

4)What You Need (A-Trak Remix)-Tiga

Tiga may be the best producer to lend his own vocals to his productions with the exception of Calvin Harris. His sex-charged voice is perfectly complimented by A-trak’s dreamy synth progression and percussions at the chorus.


Think you’ve seen somebody scratch? Prepare to have your mind blown.

First, the routine that won him DMC

Second, A-Trak butchering it @ Fat Beats

So, look, let me get to the point…Pretty much you’d be an idiot not to go. Ya dig?