House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


RIP Teena Marie

GTA: Vice City added a lot to my life, including introducing me to Teena Marie

1)Behind The Groove-Teena Marie **Dumb Hot Throwback**

Timeless dance music 101. I’ve had this song on repeat all day.



Long-time followers of the blog know of my obsession with Giorgio Moroder and all things Italo Disco.

Thus, you can imagine the immeasurable solace I find in Aeroplane’s production style.

This track was on Pete Tong’s essential mix last week, and it is phenomenal. I highly recommend picking up their LP “We Can’t Fly” on ITunes if you dig their sound.

1) My Enemy-Aeroplane

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Recommends*

Vintage! This track so perfectly captures the amazing essence of Italo-Disco, sounding like something straight out of a Giorgio Moroder or ABBA record. And don’t even get me started on the Pink Floyd-esque guitar solo at 3:35. What time and effort went into producing this. This is the Miami Vice sound. Drop this track next time you are driving somewhere.


Thursday night, feeling good, got the whole weekend off from gigging.

Time to take a break from the house music.

Here’s the best song from the 80’s that you have never heard.

1) Steppin’ Out-Joe Jackson

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Recommends*

This is one of my favorite feel-good songs ever. to the point where I like to listen to it every night before I go out. This track makes me think of dressing up, meeting a date, hopping in a yellow cab, and going out for cocktails. Perhaps it is the Al Hirschfeld caricature on the album cover that reminds me so much of New York City, perhaps it is the piano riff, perhaps it is the driving drums. Whatever it is, you ought to listen to it once. I do think you will enjoy it.



Giorgio Moroder is the most qualified musician you have never heard of.

The man has 3 Academy Awards and 3 Grammys for god’s sake.

Those are Paul Simon numbers.

Beyond scoring Scarface and producing all of Donna Summer’s greatest hits, Moroder happens to be the Godfather of Ital0-Disco. Here are 3 of his greatest contributions to society.

1) I Wanna Rock You- Giorgio Moroder


Super-Synthy Funky Disco Classic with vocals seemingly ripped straight from a Bee-Gee’s catalogue. Towards the end, keep your ears peeled for the synth progression which was later plagiarized and brought to fame by the Bucketheads in their 90’s classic “The Bomb” and most recently by Pitbull in his smash hit “I Know You Want Me”

1)First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love-Giorgio Moroder


Driving synths capture a period of excess and obliviousness to the harm that that excess was doing the body. The more you listen to Giorgio you realize that it’s not just music with him, it’s a photograph of what the 80’s were like.

1) Knights In White Satin


A sleazy disco homage to the womanizer. Brilliant shit we’re working with here, people. Sososo before it’s time.

Self Control

Anyone who has played GTA: Vice City knows that it’s more than just a game, the soundtrack is a cumulative almanac of 80s music spanning every genre. It took me a minute to catch on that this track was a cover of the 80s Laura Brannigan classic, but I’m totally digging it.

1) Self Control (Young Empires Remix)-Sunday Girl


Do you ever listen to some of these amazing lead female vocals, and you say, wow, this girl has such a beautiful voice, she MUST be a dime. Well, Sunday Girl is most definitely a dime, which makes all of her music that much more enjoyable. This cover gets injected with the proper amount of synthy Miami Vice goodness to make it B10 worthy, It’s really got a nice vibe to it.

1) Self Control-Laura Brannigan


I figured I’d drop the original 80s classic in here also as a point of reference, also it’s one of the best 80s jams of all time, and if you don’t have it in your library, you should. One night, when you are fucked up, you will drop this before you go out, and you will relish in its throwbackness.

BONUS: Miami (Laidback Luke Bootleg)-Will Smith

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) **B10 Highly Reccomends**

Because none of my Miami friends will shut the fuck up about the Heat, here is your new anthem you spoiled bastards. Fuck you.

On Another Level…

I just love when the same great vocals are recorded by two seperate vocalists and remixed by remarkable artists

I Get Lifted (Michael Gray and Danism Remix) – Erick Morillo Ft. Debora Cooper) – Click song to download

This Progressive House track builds up nicely with easy-to-sing-along vocals that anyone can learn the words to quickly. By the end of the song, you’re head bob will turn into a full on money dance.

I Get Lifted (Bob Sinclar Remix) – Barbara Tucker – Click song to download (RECOMMENDED)

Like the above track, the vocals here are the same. However, this remix has a funkier feel, kind of more bug out, but it sounds so nice. When the keyboard comes in at 3 minutes, it sounds like the gospel at church (i dont really know anything about church, just saying) ┬áis singing about sheer happiness…

Music gets me LIFTED – nak3d

Due to the Heat

I don’t think it could be any hotter in NYC right now. The last time I was in heat like this, I was in Europe 2 summers ago. Speaking of summer fun…

Together (Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Together (Eddie Thoneick Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Who doesn’t love this classic track from Bob Sinclar. Europe loves him and his fun style. It is not a surprise that the Eddie Thoneick remix revitalizes this old school banger.