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Gregori Klosman

Sweedest Dreams

The best Swede Dreams¬†remix came from…wait for it…A Frenchman?

Apparently, as Gregori Klosman drops this bomb on his Soundcloud today. Guess where you’ll be able to download it on June 6th? I got you fam.

1)Swede Dreams (Gregori Klosman Remix)-Avicii

I was joking on the B10 facebook page just now that if these two guys keep it up, very soon my entire DJ sets are going to be nothing but Klosman/Nicky Romero tracks…



Must Download.

Every now and then you get a massive track like Nicky Romero’s remix of “Flash” that you immediately know every DJ is going to play out. Enter Low Battery, the long delayed release by French producer Gregori Klosman that might very well be the turning point in his career, and mark his ascension into the same echelon of Dutch-House producers as Chuckie, Laidback Luke, and Afrojack.

1)Low Battery (Original Mix)-Gregori Klosman ****MUST DOWNLOAD****

Are we entering the age of the kick drum? It certainly seems so. it was just the other day that I was in Kiss & Fly and they had an actual street drummer come off the street with a kick-drum and play with Jacomino. It was tight. More-so than masterful, tasteful use of the kick-drum, however, Klosman implements effective use of side-chaining and some bizarre, never-heard-before synths to make this the type of record that will be getting burn all summer season in just about every club that you set foot into; and if it isn’t, then you aren’t at the right clubs, my friends.


Gregori Klosman knows how to apologize.

When Chuckie announced that DDDV4 was getting delayed until Mid-May, Gregori Klosman knew that his most avid fans would be somewhat upset. Rather than brushing off their ire, Klosman pulled a stand-up move, and released his highly anticipated bootleg pack. Below is my favorite track of the 5-song release. grab the whole pack by clicking HERE.

1) American French Meichine (Gregori Klosman Bootleg)-Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. AMF *Hot*

Right when I’m about to write an interview question asking Gregori how he escapes falling into the typical Disco sound of most French producers, he bangs this release out. It’s really fresh though. I’ve now heard heard amazing Dutch-House, Disco-House, and Tech-House from Klosman. What’s next? Trance? I guess only time will tell.


Gregori Klosman Blacked Out…Wowza.

This isn’t even fuegs. This is like molten lava. This is like the death star…Millions of voices crying out at once and suddenly silenced. I feel a disturbance in the force.

April 10th release date. Interview with Gregori Klosman coming this week.



Gentlemen, what qualities do you look for in a woman?

Beautiful? Cultured? Well-traveled? Raver-girl?

Allow me to introduce you to Jetset Farryn, who happens to be all of the above.

Check out her Site, try not to drool on the keyboard though, it’s very unsightly of you.

First time I met her, she shared of her obsession with Gregori Klosman. My heart melted. Here’s some new Gregori in celebration of girls who know what they are talking about.

1)Bombata (Original Mix)-Gregori Klosman *Hot*

Dark, tribal, techy house. A departure from Gregori’s normal Dutch sound, but a testament to the versatility of the young producer. The trademark Klosman bounce is still there though. I don’t know about you guys but with every video I see of this guy my eager, unabated anticipation for “Low Battery” swells and soars to unthinkable heights.

Low Battery

This tune is gonna be massive.


Jaws: The Return

You’re gonna need a bigger woofer.

1) Jaws (Original Mix)-Gregori Klosman ***FUEGO***

You may remember I posted this Dutch banger a while back, well, it has since dropped, along with the entire collection of Dirty Dutch Digital Vol 3, available for download on Beatport HERE.

Video evidence of what happens when you drop this on the dancefloor below.