House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

Armand Van Helden

Assorted Shit

It’s snowing face outside, so take these hot fuzzy danks.

1)Nights (Nadastrom Remix)-Pase Rock

Sick track from last month’s Wolfgang Gartner Essential Mix.

Throwback: I Want Your Soul (Original Mix)-Armand Van Helden ***Dumb Hot***

I’ve always known this track but never the name of it, until today. I bet one of you will have the same epiphany today.



Double Pizza-Boying the fuck out of this track as we speak.

1) Dance the Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Club Mix)- Ou Est Le Swimming Pool


My love for Armand boils down to two things. Seamless inclusion of samples new and old, ranging from epic disco riffs to 90s hip hop, And his epic build-ups, which seem to stretch for an eternity, teasing you, leading you on, building you up, and finally rewarding you with quite possibly one of the best drops in the game. Until he releases his next banger, that is.

Keep your ears peeled for this track at J O’s tonight.


California Gurls

It’s no secret that I am a New York City boy, which means I like my girls spoiled, brunette, and Jewish,

However, I had the pleasure of meeting a bonafide California girl this weekend, and I must admit they are rather pleasant.

Here is a gang of California Gurls remixes.

1) California Gurls (Armand Van Helden Remix)


I’m a fan of the sound permeating Armand’s tracks lately. It is very French House, very disco-centric. This has to be my favorite of all of the remixes.

2) California Gurls (Algeronics Remix)


This one has a nice bouncey euro touch to it, and it builds up nicely. It maintains a good amount of singalongability, too, which is something Armand’s remix is devoid of.

3) California Gurls (HYPER CRUSH Remix)


It’s HYPER CRUSH! So you know that you are going to get their presence in every aspect of the track, but this track is hyphy as fuck. A nice build-up at the 2:00 mark will def have all of the California Gurls shaking in their Daisy Dukes.

4) California Gurls (Barletta Remix)


Barletta is not fucking around, as the track jumps right into to first verse. Of all the remixes though, this track keeps the track for the most part intact, making it the most singalongable. The Smokey Sample also at the 1:20 mark is a nice little touch too for all the Friday fans.

5) California Gurls (DallasK Remix)


To me, this was the weakest of the remixes. The levels seemed off. It has the right idea, but to me the vocals are much higher than the instrumental, which seems to drown out the track. Katy comes in at 1:48 to a stripped-down beat, providing a nice effect, but like I said, I need that beat higher.