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Summer Special: 4 Amazing Mixes, One Post.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes an abundance of time for extended music-listening sessions. Be it laying down on the beach, commuting to an exotic weekend locale, relaxing, or partying, add these 4 mixes, each unique and spectacular in their own regard, to your summer rotation.

The first two come from to personal friends of mine. The second two come from remarkable up-and-coming European producers.

1)Not To Be Mistaken for Vodka-EEKO

EEKO, DJ and Dancing Astronaut extraordinaire, absolutely brings it with this mix. Put this on at your pregame or party and have every single demographic pleased. He opens with the tongue-in-cheek pop banger, and proceeds to demolish it with a plethora of dutch, progressive, and electro-house masterpieces. Perhaps the most impressive part, besides the inclusion of some of his own bootlegs, are the incredibly seamless transitions that keep the mix flowing smoother than a Vodka Tonic with lime. Follow EEKO on Twitter and hit him up on his Facebook to give him props.

2) May 2011 Promo Mix-Jay Costa

After hearing this mix I had to pause and ask myself if Jay Costa is half-Swedish. Heritage notwithstanding, Costa brings it with a slew of massive tracks that would sound right at home within the set of an Ultra Main-Stage Headliner. This mix should be called Big Tunes 101. Cue this up at the peak hour of your party and watch people go HAM.  I shit you not I’ve listened to if 4 times already and every time I like it more and more. Hit Jay up on his Twitter or his Facebook and show love for blessing your ears with this bad-boy.

3) Tony Senghore DJ Mix 16-Tony Senghore

Is Hard Electro more of your thing? You’re going to love this one then. Tony Senghore, who happens to hail from, funny enough, Sweden, Attacks the mix with reckless abandon, and dark sounds aplenty. This is for that blackout, sweaty, party when things start getting really weird and you need a mix that thoroughly represents how schwasted everyone is.

4) TrailerTrash 7th Birthday Mix-Gesaffelstein (Mediafire Link)

Gesaffelstein’s sound makes Tony Senghore’s sound seem as dark as an albino. An eerily beautiful 36 minute symphony of Techno, Acid-House, and Electro awaits you upon playing this mix. Listen at your own risk.



Bigger than the Universe

Some tracks are big, some are epic, and some are bigger than the universe.

Case in point: this track.

1) Quadrillion (Moguai Remix)-Big World feat. Marcus Binapfl ***FUEGO***

This track doesn’t drop for a full 3 minutes. It rewards you for your patience though. It’s like an aural journey through space and time. It’s no wonder I’ve heard Avicii play this out before.


Morgan Page gets his Kaskade on

Anze put me up on Morgan Page a while back so this release caught my eye while scouring Beatport. What we have is a dreamy Kaskade-like progressive house tune with dope female vocals.

1)Wake Up (Morgan Page Remix)-Adam K feat. Naan

Haven’t felt this good about posting a proggy track in a while.


Jack Mulqueen Winter Mix 2011

Here it is.

A re-recording of the first hour of my opening set for Skrillex from last thursday. Enjoy 🙂

1)Winter Mix 2011-Jack Mulqueen ***Fuego***



Part of the reason I love shopping at Uniqlo is because of the sick tunes they have there. This track came on today and I had to Shazam it immediately because of the Deadmau5 sample.

1)Happiness (Deadmau5 Extended Mix)-Alexis Jordan *Hot*

Brazil, it’s one of my favorite D5 tracks. It was always missing something though. Like some good vocals.

Exciting News: New contributor coming to B10 in the coming days. stay tuned.


In the Mix

Because it’s December, so what better time to post Matt Goldman’s supremely mixed November Mix

Prog-heads rejoice…and download.



No affiliation with the above group, worry not.

1) Poison feat Rebecca Knight (John Dahlback Remix)-D-Malice


This proggy club banger follows what I call the “Unforgiven” progression, and anyone who has seen Clint Eastwood’s Best Picture Academy Award Winner will surely get the reference. Slow onset, but unforgettable climax that just doesn’t have the same resonance unless you sit through the whole thing. In essence, what I’m getting at is, Don’t play this record unless you are willing to let it burn for 6 minutes. But if so, by all means, play it, because it is going to turn your party out.