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Serious Blog Lovin’: Lucky Date

Dillon Breslin is a very good friend.

But the nicest thing he ever did for me was tune me into fellow Columbia College student and Dirty Electro Maven, Lucky Date. Essentially, I dont know where he gets his sample-packs from, but Lucky Date has been able to come up with sounds that I didn’t even know exist. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re bringing him to Madison for a show next semester (Get at me Jordan!)

WARNING: For the sake of those around you, please give yourself ample elbow-room before listening to any of these tracks. Thank you.

1)The Anthem (Lucky Date Remix)-Zedd

This track, in my mind, was the logical starting point in your journey through Lucky Date’s warped dirty electro world where sounds are perceived in a completely different way and ultimately wind up coming together in a beautiful ragetacular symphony of chaos.

2)Latin Fever (Lucky Date Remix)-Wolfgang Gartner

The drop! oh my.

3)What You Need (Lucky Date Remix)-Tiga

This one should be called “What You Need” only in name, as, with the exception of some minor vocal sampling, this is entirely Lucky Date’s original production. I am wowed. I encourage you to listen to the original mix of this track to see just what Jordan has accomplished.

4)Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix)-Spencer & Hill

Sorry, I can only stream this one. But if you like what you hear, head to Beatport and cop it. This one hit the Beatport top10 in electro-house, and for very good reason. Beware the hidden Dubstep break. Disgusting!



Dumb Party

as Kopedale once told me, Your favorite DJ takes samples from Spencer & Hill

This French Duo has been at it forever, and everything they touch is gold.

This track is no different.

1) Dumb Party (Original Mix)-Spencer & Hill

Spencer and hill goes hard with this one. While I don’t see this as big-room prime hour type shit, It’s everything else. It is a finely crafter Electro-House banger with amazing breakdowns. Download it.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Recommends)

PS. DadeToDane is undergoing a serious facelift in the next 48 hours. Stay tuned… Although you won’t need to because I’m finna blow up yo facebook newsfeed with updates. Expect big things!