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California Gurls (HYPER CRUSH Remix)

HYPER CRUSH are the Kobe Bryants of Electro. Consistent and Intense.

Like what I did there?

1) California Gurls (HYPER CRUSH Remix) -Katy Perry


Another morning, and another banger in my inbox from HYPER CRUSH. Seriously, when you’re friends with these guys, every day is Christmas. I gave it a listen, and again it’s everything you’ve come to expect from these guys and more. The seamless infusion of their own lyrical prowess, and of course they are able to ratchet the intensity of the track to 11 like nobody in the game can do. Download it.



I went suuuuuper-hard last night. So you can imagine my utter disbelief when I get woken up from a vibrating cell-phone just now, and I have an e-mail in my inbox from Hyper Crush. What?

Could it be? The same HyperCrush I listen to religiously? I mean shit, I brush my teeth while listening to “LaLaLa (Hyper Crush Remix)” So you can imagine my excitement. Then I read the e-mail and see that the new exclusive they sent me is produced by Diplo? I nutted all over my comforter.

1)Ayo (Prod by Diplo)-Hyper Crush

Hyper Crush I know you guys are going to read this so I’m just going to put this on the table…Diplo/Hyper Crush collabo EP? Just 3 or 4 tracks, please? I’m loving the production here. it’s everything you’d want from a Diplo track. super-dutchy, great sampling, and of course those signature¬†Major-Lazer drums. Gotta love it. Hyper Crush brings their signature energy to the track, and the vocals/lyrics are tight all the way around. This is a banger.

(click here to begin download) (B10 IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

Also, Peep This New Episode of HCTV.

Love the Fisheye-Lense, for some reason that’s what most of my nights feel like.

This time baby, I’ll be BULLETPROOF

1) Bulletproof (Hypercrush Remix) – La Roux

With the original already being a gem, Hypercrush faced a challenge in transforming this song into a danceable, electro jam. ¬†They sure pulled it up with ease, just as they did with their remix of Drake’s “Over”. With a wonderful build, hard hitting basslines and the euphoric vocals of La Roux, this is one for the party playlist that’ll get you groovin’.

(Click here to download)

OVER (Hypercrush Remix)

To be honest, “Over” is not my favorite Drake song. People love it though, so obviously the man is doing something right.

This remix however is pretty fire.

1) Over (Hypercrush Remix)-Drake

Most people who post about Hypercrush laud them for infusing their lyrics into the songs seamlessly. To me, their production value is truly what stands out. Being able to extract certain facets of the original beat and build around them. Tie that in with the 8-Bit “Drizzy!” before Drake comes in, which kills me every time, and little details like that, and you have a wonderful track which expands on the original.

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