House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

The Game


The Notorious B.I.G is the best Rapper of All Time. Everyone knows that. Apparently The Game knows too because he is blatantly paying homage to him with his flow on this track.

1) Heartbreak Hotel-The Game feat Diddy

“Waitress sexy okay, she must not know, I like my ho’s like Seventh and Broadway- going both ways.”

-The Game

The production is tight, smooth, and retro. The Game successfully channel’s B.I.G’s flow and cadence. Diddy’s ad-libs are reminiscent of the golden age of Hip-Hop too. If you like Biggy, go ahead and dl this and get nostalgic for a second.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

Everything I’ve heard from this new Game album has me more and more excited for it. Apparently Pharrell got under his skin and stopped him from growing complacent with his talent.