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Boys Noize

New Boys Noize

Boys Noize man… What is there really to say. The man hears sounds in a different way.

1)Saturday (Original Mix)-Boys Noize & Housemeister ***FUEGO***

Playing this tonight.



Fear The Brow

Boys Noize has released a snippet of his next single, which he premiered on BBC Radio 1 last week.

Part Acid House, Part Electro-House, 100% Fuego

As soon as it drops it will be 0n Big10


Familiarize Yourself: Boris Dlugosch

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I’m obsessed with Boys Noize. Probably because every time I post something related to Boys Noize I preface it with “If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I’m obsessed with Boys Noize.” Well, BN is known for working with two producers rather frequently. One of them is Erol Alkan. The other? Well, award yourself 5 points if you guessed Boris Dlugosch.

Dlugosch posted a new February Mix to his Facebook two days ago, and it is really swell. It may be the perfect “Opening Set”, if that makes sense. Starts from nothing, and slowly intensifies. It’s an aural journey of sorts. First, grab my fav BD/BN collaboration.

1) Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)-Boys Noize

Everyone reading this who is going to Ultra, if you don’t see Boys Noize play there, you’re a goddamn fool. Best live set there is. First time I heard this track live, I almost melted like one of the bad guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Heavy ish.

Download Dlugosch’s set from his Soundcloud.


Super Acid!

Visionary Alex “Boys Noize” Ridha strikes again with a collection of Acid House tracks released under his record label, BNR.

Grab the full release at Beatport

1)1010 (Original Mix)-Boys Noize

Imagine the Angry Birds, except robots, with a drumkit, marching together to kill some Pigs.


You Can Dance

Posted this guy a while back, the newly released video merits re-posting though.

1)You Can Dance-Chilly Gonzales

Boys Noize produced this track. If his genius was ever in question, after hearing the way he is able to transcend genres with the relative ease, it becomes indisputable.



I’m all about it. Maybe I’m jumping the gun because I’m still in the library, with a daunting 6-page paper standing between myself and the weekend, but I needed to share this new track with you. I’ll be debut-ing it at Johnny O’s tonight, and I have a feeling people are going to eat it up. How could you not?

1) You Can Dance (prod by Boys Noize)-Gonzales


I know what you’re thinking. Oh boy. Here goes Jack again with his Boys Noize obsession, but wait until you hear this track. With subtle nods to Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, Daft Punk, and Justice, Boys Noize and Gonzales are able to spin together a track so infectious, so euphoric, that it is capable of catapulting you out of your worst moods and into a much happier, simpler place.

We’re blessed with amazing couple of weeks coming up. The Ohio State weekend, Kid Cudi, Deadmau5, the Deadmau5 Afterparty, and hopefully some of you will be able to join us at Vision in Chicago on the 23rd for Avicii. Regardless of what your plans are, don’t forget to pause every now and then, drink in life, appreciate youth, and be grateful of the amazing bonds of friendship and love that you are cultivating.


Afterparty Wristbands Available Now!/New Boys Noize


1) Working Together (Boys Noize Dub)-Gonzales

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *Big10 Highly Recommends*

I was pleasantly surprised by this tune when I went to the Hardfest website to check their line-up. Boys Noize doing what he does best, Amazing electro/tech-house jam that may become your gym anthem.