House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

David Guetta

For My Ladies

One undisputed truth is that John A. Mulqueen Jr. knows how to treat his women.

1)Who’s That Chick (Afrojack Remix)-David Guetta feat. Rihanna

Hint: Any time something has the words Afrojack and David Guetta in its title, download it.



Club Can’t Handle Me (Felguk Remix)

I ❤ Felguk

1)Club Can’t Handle Me (Felguk Remix)-Flo Rida/Guetta

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Recommends*

It’s funny because the club actually can’t handle me. Those at Avicii on October 23rd in Chi City will witness.



Two tracks united by one thing…Friendship!

1) Toyfriend (feat Wynter Gordon)-David Guetta feat. Afrojack


Why are you reading this? Wynter Gordon???? Guetta???? Jack?????  You should be downloading already.

1) My Friend (Jewelz Remix)-Nicky Romero


This track couldn’t be more on the opposite end of the spectrum. While the first track was a Dirty Dutch banger, this guy comes with a more progressive, euro feel. Something I would not be the least surprised to hear at Set in Miami around 12:00am.


All the way from NYC…

Although I feel temporarily displaced from the best conference in the country, living in NYC has given me a new appreciation for house music.  Let me first introduce myself as DJ Hyphe, glad to be a part of the team.

3)  Cold Act III- Classix

(click here to download)

To reiterate on Jmarkeez acknowledgment on the duo Classixx, this song has been in my summer play list all summer and the combination of the funky rhythm and vocals really gets me wired.

4)  Louder than Words- Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Niles Mason

(click here to download)

The two hottest in the game right now, nuff said.  I’m sure you all will have this song before you see it here, but I needed to post another Guetta chartbuster.


Fuck Me I’m Famous

Here’s an unreleased bad boy from Mr. David Guetta just in time for Ibiza season I was able to get my hands on. This summer’s “When Love Takes Over”?

Commander (David’s Guetta’s FMIF Remix) – Kelly Rowland

(click here to download)

This dynamic duo does it again. Guetta’s been slacking lately in my mind, but I love the proggy buildup, basslines and drop heard in this track. Would even go as far to say Guetta has redeemed himself with this remix by putting out a progressive house track that does not have the commercial top 40 quality that “Sexy Bitch” and “Memories” took on. This track is sure to get dancefloors lively this summer

BONUS: While on the topic of shit going on overseas, I need to share this video Adidas put out in light of the World Cup in which Daft Punk, The Gallagher brothers of Oasis, Snoop Dogg and David Beckham all make appearances.


What happens when you take two songs that people are totally fed up with and mash them together?

1) Sexy Bitch Night (feat. Kid Cudi and Akon)- David Guetta

If you couldn’t figure it out already. This is a mashup of “At Night (Crookers Remix)” and “Sexy Bitch”. It works so freaking well though. As a DJ, I’ve got mad love for this track. It extendeds the longevity of two overplayed tracks, while giving people a fresh surprise when the Cudi track drops in yet works so brilliantly with the Guetta beat. give it a listen.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Reccomends)