House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra



Yes, that is a picture of a stream.

First off, now that we’re legit and you can preview tracks, You guys have no excuse but to spread the word about the website. Seriously. Get to it. Tell everyone you know. Tweet it. Facebook it.

In return, I give you the gift of Fire.

1)Move it 2 The Drum (Promised Land Remix)-Chuckie & Hardwell feat. Ambush ***Fuego***

Best track of 2010 just got an even more epic rework. This track is a DJ’s nightmare. The progression is so amazing that you’d be a fool not to let it play for at least 4 minutes. Seriously, Wait for the Piano at 3:00

2)No Access (Original Mix)-Michael Woods ***Fuego***

This track is soooo Anze’d out. So good that even on 2 4lokos last night I spent 20 minutes trying to fix Kopedale’s stereo so my friends could hear it. It’s raw electro. Club shit.

So enjoy streaming from now on, and do your civic duties by spreading the word about Big10




Laidback Luke at work

This video has been taking the internet by storm. Start watching at the 7:05 mark.

Then download the two tracks that Laidback drops at the beginning of his set below.

1) Move  (Original Mix)- Chuckie & Hardwell feat. Ambush


I fell in love with this track right away. I can’t wait to drop it in a set. My first given opportunity will probably be Saturday at the DU-Lennium party. If you are reading this and you are attending that party, prepare yourself to be a guinea pig for a lot of new shit. I have a hunch that people will start convulsing uncontrollably and making out when this drops.

2) Hoot (Original Mix)-Mumbai Science


Wow. this track is a bug-out in the same vein as “Polkadots” and “This Sound Is”. If you like those two, you are going to eat this up. Personally, I started rolling when I was blasting this in my bedroom just now. Maybe it was just the Wheaties though.