House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

DJ Tiesto


Unitard: “ESCAPE ME!”

Vagina: “With pleasure.”

1) Escape Me (Avicii Remix At Night)-DJ Tiesto


Tiesto does it again, with a steady shot of umph from Avicii. Mansouri told me to dig up this track, so I immediately obliged because homie knows his House Music. How pleased was I to find a track that had all the trancey epic-ness that you’d expect from a Tiesto track with a more party-centric bassline to keep the intensity at an all-time high throughout the entirety of this masterpiece


Phazing + Remix = Awesome

I can’t stop posting! This blog is addictive. At Ultra Music Festival 2010, I saw Dirty South kill it so hard that I thought he had the second best set of the festival (Swedish House Mafia was BY FAR THE BEST OY). I was torn because I’d seen Tiesto multiple times and they were playing at the same time on different stages. I heard Dirty South drop his new single, Phazing, and liked what I heard. However, Tiesto’s brand new remix proves that the original was just a stepping stone for the track’s evolution.

Phazing (original mix) – Dirty South Feat. Rudy

Click Here to Download Original

Phazing (Tiesto Remix) – Dirty South Feat. Rudy

Click Here to Download Tiesto Remix

For future reference, I often look for remixes of songs I like, usually finding better versions of it. Both of these Progressive House tracks are good, but this post is to bring you Tiesto’s remix. When I post remixes, I’m going to post the next best version (or other good versions) of the song in addition to the song (or songs) I’m posting about. Use this as a bases to see the difference between the songs and make your own opinion about which you like best. Feel free to comment about songs you like or songs you want to hear – I do this for you.


JMarky I hate to steal your thunder, because you showed me this album, but you forgot to post my favorite song

1) Call Out- Kaskade

I think the reason this song stuck out to me was that amidst all of the epic production of Kaskade’s new album, this one is so minimalistic/proggy. It also distinctly reminded me of one of my favorite house jams of all time, 2001’s Touch Me by DJ Tiesto. The stripped-down nature of the beat, affected/entrancing vocals of Mindy Gledhill, and the driving bass make this one an instant add to the “Bed :)” playlist. That’s not what mine is actually called ps…Although it is the name of one of my friend’s….I’m not throwing him under the bus though so I won’t mention any names. You know who you are you smug sunuvabitch.

(click here to download)

Bonus: Touch Me-DJ Tiesto

I couldn’t leave you searching for the aforementioned song. I also noticed a distinct dearth of Tiesto on this blog. so here you go. Enjoy a classic.

(click here to download)