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Get Familiar: Swerve

Swerve. 16 Year-Old Essex-based producer. On the verge of world domination.

I happened upon one of his tracks during Kissy Sell-Out’s radio show. It was a remix of “Gold Dust”. Now, Gold Dust is obviously a Drum & Bass track, and the most famous remix for it, as you can imagine, is the Flux Pavilion Remix, a Dubstep Remix. For you non-DJs that makes sense because Drum & Bass is generally 140 BPM and Dubstep is usually 70 BPM, so you can overlay them very easily.

1)Gold Dust (Swerve Remix)-DJ Fresh ***FUEGO***

Swerve is not content with the easy way out. What he creates is an Electro-House masterpiece with an exorbitant amount of bounce that utilizes the contagious lyrics of the original perfectly, including some very tight sampling at the beginning.

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