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Exclusive Guest Mix

Exclusive Guest Mix: JACOMINO

Just in time for the weekend, my boy Jacomino was nice enough to record this Exclusive Guest Mix for your listening pleasure. What can be said about the kid’s talents? His sets are packed with energy, and the fact that he is able to condense so many epic drops and momentum-building swells into a 30 minute package is both amazing and commendable. Jac was nice enough to hit us with an interview also, so familiarize yourself with him, Follow him on Twitter, Like him on Facebook, and download his mix below!

1)Exclusive Big10HouseMafia GuestMix-Jacomino ***FUEGO***

Wow. So many anthems. Jacomino continues to improve on his already spectacular talents.


B10: Describe your sound in a run-on sentence with lots of adjectives.

JAC: Haha umm…DirtynastymeanhardheavycrazyYETsexyBUTfreaky!!!

B10: The name Jacomino has come to mean something because of your refusal to compromise your own personal taste in music for the desires of club-owners and club-attenders around the city. In a way, you have been a paragon for House DJs who desire to find a niche in the clubs that have been dominated by Top40 and Open Format. What has this battle meant to you personally?

JAC: It was so difficult at first, because all the clubs wanted was open format DJs… and it got to a point to where I would lie and tell the clubs that I would play open format if they booked me… Haha deep down I knew I was only going to play house!  And every time my goal was to kill it so hard with house that these club managers would have nothing to say to me… These club managers in NY… Ask anyone of them about me.. They will tell you that im a jerk and never listen to them!

B10: You’ve seen your popularity swell and soar to astronomical heights recently, and you’ve even just finished an extended trip to Europe, with a return-trip planned in the near future. Surely, however, it wasn’t always so gravy. Tell us about the worst gig you have ever played.

JAC: Yess Europe was amazing!! Had such a great time! Over there they want it just as bad as how I wanna give it to them! Haha worst gig.. I’d say last Halloween 2 years ago I did a party in the city.. I forgot where it was.. I got there.. the DJ booth was behind the bar.. I asked for a pioneer 800 mixer.. I get there and they had a $25 mixer with 2 channels, and if I remember correctly 1 of channels didn’t work! No monitors.. It was hell.. I left early!  But exactly 1 year later I did Halloween @ Jakes in Indiana and it was awesome! The kids there are crazy!! It was definitely 1 of my favorite schools Iv ever spun at.

B10: You’re somewhat of an anomaly amongst House DJs in that you started as a DJ, and then just recently began delving into the realm of production. A month ago, your debut release, a collaboration with Big10 favorite Matty Sterling, was featured on our site. Tell us about your recent endeavors in production, and what plans you have in the upcoming months in terms of releasing original mixes or remixes.

JAC: It got to a point where I wanted to feel my own production being played for house music lovers, and watch them go crazy. I was in Miami about a month ago and I went to see my boy Matty, who’s an extremely talented kid! We sat down and started messing around… about 8 hours later we had created a journey! And during the process we got drunk off champagne! The chemistry we had was unreal, so we to continue to make hits! Im actually seeing him this weekend in Miami… by Saturday night we should have another track. Im feeling a crazy electro song with a heavy,mean drop, and a lot of white noise. That’s my favorite sound to hear in a club.

B10: What is your favorite venue to play at and why?

JAC: I’d have to say Grand Central in Miami! It’s a stage with a table and equipment set up on it.. with powerful monitors on each side.. and a crazy light show! Haha what more could a dj ask for??

B10: A month ago I had the pleasure of bumping into you at DJ Chuckie @ Lavo in the city. For some reason I wasn’t the least bit surprised, as your sets have grown famous for their hard drops and the occasional Dirty Dutch sound. What has been your favorite concert experience seeing one of your favorite DJ/Producers play?

JAC: Without a doubt I would have to say Deadmau5 at Provocateur 1 night last summer. Me and my boy were standing 2 feet away from him watching him play Strobe and were barely able to see eachother with the amounts of smoke, strobe lights, and cold air being blown into the crowd. All I remember was hitting my boys hand yelling OH MY G-D as the club erupted when Strobe dropped… It was amazing!

B10: Lets talk about your sets again for a minute. With the influx of young adults buying mixers and CDJs taking a shot at DJing, which has been directly corollary with the rise of House Music, there seem to be a lot of imitators out there. What, in your mind, distinguishes the pretenders from those with actual talent?

JAC: Haha yes, these kids download Serato and call themselves DJs! but I cant hate on them, because a couple of years ago I was 1 of them. The talent you just have to have, If not practice practice practice!! The more you practice the better you get… You know you have it when you can walk into any room, with any amount of people in front of you, and still be able to bring them all together… Take them on a journey to the moon and bring them back!  Haha sometimes I leave them there. Oh and be original… Try new things, don’t play the same exact set every night!

B10: If your two favorite producers right now collaborated in the studio for a song who would it be and what would the track be called?

JAC: Laidback Luke & Afrojack- Enough Said (Original Mix)

B10: You are playing the main stage of Ultra. As you stare out at the throngs of ravers and house-heads waiting to have their minds blown, what three records do you play and why?


1) Space Junk (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner

2) Strobe (Original Mix)-Deadmau5

3)My GOD (Guns on Demo)-Laidback Luke

If you understand house there is no reason for me to explain why!

B10: 2010 was the best year yet for Jacomino. What can we expect from you in 2011?

JAC: 2010 was an amazing year for me! Thanks to the fans!! If It wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have gotten this far. 2011 is obviously going to be crazier then 2010 haha… I am going to be doing a lot of traveling, both domestic and international, more production, I’m currently in the process of setting up college tours. And for those of you who live in NY, I plan on having a Jacomino night once a week!

Jacomino Night sounds like something every New Yorker should have.