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DUB Nation & New Skrillex

Don’t skip over this post cuz its got the word DUB in it. I haven’t ever been an avid fan of the Dubstep – more of a hater actually. But a few of these jams have really started to sway my previously close-minded view. Everyone knows the DJs that dabble with it, like Bassnectar and Skrillex, but I’ve never given the straight Dub DJs a chance. Flux Pavillion and Zeds Dead (pictured above, respectfully) are crushing it with HEAVY bass-in-your-face remixes like the ones below. I didn’t think it was possible, but I really dig it. Maybe you will too. Seriously, check em out..

#1) Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix) – DJ Fresh

#2) I Cant Stop – Flux Pavillion

Gold Dust is pretty well known but both are essential. I’ve been looping em non stop.

#3) Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) – Blue Foundation

CRACK. Zeds Dead on a Mega.

#4) Magical World (feat. Nelly Furtado) – Bassnectar

So chill. Dare I say better than his remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” – maybe a stretch.

#5) Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix) – Rusko

**The essence of a dope Dub Step track. I’m sure you’ve heard this dropped live. MUST download if you don’t have.**

#6) Just Be Good to Green (feat. Lilly Allen) (Joker Remix) – Professor Green

Funky Dub.

#7) Reptile – Skrillex

Skrillex at it again. Man’s on a run.

I’ll try to lay off the Dubstep for a while for all you house lovers, but give it a chance!



Weekend Adios Post

Off to Europa! Take these nuggets to hold you over for the weekend.

First: a video of the club I’ll be destroying on Friday night, featuring my boy Jacomino doing work.

Second: The biggest release of the week from Dutch Up & Comer Nicky Romero who has been absolutely killing it.

1) Solar (Original Mix)-Nicky Romero ***FUEGO***

Massive progressive jams like this are few and far between. Romero has shown versatility in his productions, mastering his native Dutch sound with bangers like his remix of “Flash”, more minimal techy jams like “My Friend”, and now this guy. This is his Conscindo. Pay attention. Presta attencion.


1) Zooloo (Pleasurekraft Remix)-Miles Dyson ***HIELO***

Speaking of minimal tech…Pleasurekraft ascends to the top 10 acts I have never seen list with this bad-boy.

FOURTH: Charlie Sheen Dubstep?

3) Charlie Sheen Dub (Original Mix)-Ephixa

Incase any of you sick fucks actually want the MP3…

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Island Pt. 2

So a lot of you hardcore heads probably already have this track, but bare with those who haven’t, because this is a must-have record.

1) The Island Pt. 2 (Dusk)-Pendulum ***FUEGO***

Wow. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been hit this hard by a track. While Pendulum has gained world renown for their Drum & Bass, this track shows that their Dirty Electro is up to snuff as well.


Optimal Grime

Warning: DUBSTEP.

Add some womp to your weekend.

1) Optimal Grime (Original Mix)– Jay Robinson

Laidback featured this in his Year Mix and I’m loving it. Creative sampling, and some ridiculous wobble.


Minterfiew: Mord Fustang

Mord Fustang. Remember the name.

Why? Because he’s the next Wolfgang Gartner, and he’s poised for big things.

I had the privilege of chatting with Mord on the eve of his brand new release which has taken Beatport by storm.

1)The Electric Dream (Original Mix)-Mord Fustang ***FUEGO***

Sorry guys, I can only give you a little tease, a preview of the fuego. Support your new favorite artist and pick this 6 minute banger up on BEATPORT!


B10: Describe your “sound” in a run-on sentence with a lot of made-up adjectives.

MF: An adventurously nude fluctuant immaculate rainbow-coated thunderstorm with arpeggios, 1-up mushrooms and disco basslines, plus a wobble or two.

B10: Your two previous works which are featured on your myspace are straight up Dubstep at its best. How did you decide to make the transition over to Electro-House for your first major release on PlasmaPool?

MF: Oh, you know, dubstep is everywhere right now and the two tracks were in fact created just for fun, to experiment. Especially “Mushroom Disco”, which also shows my affection to the 8-bit era of video games. I’ve actually been a fan of electro house much longer than I’ve been a fan of dubstep. I have a very varied taste in music from Deadmau5 to something like King Crimson.

B10: Speaking of PlasmaPool, the record label is poised for big things in 2011, behind the amazing leadership of Miles Dyson. Unlike many DJ/Producers who own their own label, Dyson seems very hands-on with PP. How did you get involved with his label?

MF: I had been following Miles and Plasmapool for a while, totally loving his sound. The day I finished “The Electric Dream”, I immediately sent them the demo, to which the label gave a quite quick reply. Miles is an awesome guy and I wish to meet him in person some day.

B10: The internet, and the blogosphere in particular, has become somewhat of a double-edged sword for Electronic Artists. In one regard, for an up-and-comer like yourself, the hype that you can build on the blogs is unprecedented. At the same time, the downside is that often blogs feature music for download illegally and can cut into your profits. What are your thoughts on the “give and take” that this relationship presents to the artist?

MF: Filesharing will never go away so there will always be piracy. I just hope that a good chunk of the pirates are actually not pirates at all, they just sample the stuff and are more likely to pay for legally obtained music than people who don’t download at all. So yeah, as long as there’s people out there who will still buy what they perceive to have value, it’s all good.

B10: What kind of set-up do you have in your studio? What midi-controllers/plug-ins are you using to make these amazing tunes?

MF: My studio is my laptop with Ableton Live. I also use FL and Reason for different stuff, but Live is the core of it all. Off the top of my head, some of the plug-ins I use are Minimoog, Sylenth1, Nexus and Live’s Operator. I have to say I am not a fan of sample packs and I rarely use any. I like making stuff myself. Also, I have no controllers, so everything is programmed with my mouse.

B10: One of America’s hottest electro-house producers, Skrillex, has gained world-reknown for his prowess in producing both Electro-House and Dubstep. Can we expect a return to Dubstep for Mord Fustang? Or have you decided to take your focus in a separate direction.

MF: Yes, there will probably be some of that, but there will definitely be more of the electro sound aswell.

B10: If you could collaborate with any other producer in the studio who would it be and why?

MF: There are many artists I’d love to collab with, but for now, I’ll say Deadmau5. I remember hearing his stuff for the first time a few years back and it was quite enlightening for me.

B10: You are headlining Ultra Music Festival’s Main Stage. There are upwards of 70,000 people staring at you in eager anticipation. What 3 non-Mord Fustang records do you play, and why?


1) MMHMM (Original Mix)-Hatiras

Funky as hell, loving the filtered house feeling as well as the blips.

2) Grand Theft Ecstasy-Feed Me

This is such an inspirational tune! Electro house at its best!

3) Return of the King (Lazy Rich Remix)-J Scott G, Imprintz, Kloe

Totally hits the correct notes for me. Love it!

B10: 2011 Is already proving to be the year of the Fustang, with The Electric Dream already garnering incredible hype, and people labeling you as the next “wunderkind”. What will 2011 hold for Mord Fustang? Will you be supporting any artists on tour or *Fingers Crossed* perhaps a US appearance?

MF: There is definitely more to come from Mord Fustang. No particular tour plans yet, but I can’t rule anything out. I just hope everything goes well. I wish you all the best! Thanks for the interview!

What a guy. Stay tuned, Mord Fustang is about to take over the world.



Because if I had stayed any longer I may have just moved there.

Now I have returned, with renewed vigor, committed to delivering bangers.

1)Raven (Laidback Luke Edit)-Proxy ***FUEGO***

Fitting to start with this guy because the table for Laidback Luke at Pacha has just gotten booked. I dropped this track at  The Colony in Hollywood on Wednesday Night and that place literally exploded.

2)Flashback (Soulmate Extended Remix)-Calvin Harris

This is essentially a Cinnabon in music form. Sinfully delectable. That piano riff is just iconic.

3)Raining (Myndset & Bandoma Remix)– Kaskade **Dumb Hot**

The original Raining was a DJs nightmare to mix. this remix fixes that problem.

4) London Town (Foamo Remix)-Man Like Me *Link Fixed*

Don’t fast forward to this the first time you listen to it. The drop is going to hit you out of nowhere.

5) Love Never Dies-Caspa & Mr. Hudson ***Fuego***

This was the final song that came on when I was pulling into LAX last night with my gracious hosts JMarky and Miss Dina, and it was such a fitting track to culminate what had been an epic journey to the left coast.


Black N Yellow

I’m a little slow on the uptake right here, as this nugget of joy has been on 310 Electro and The Fresh Beat already, but why not?

1)Black N Yellow (DJ Kue Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

Love this Complextro Dubstep mixed with Electro mid-song thangggg

Bonus: Black N Yellow (Cookin’ Soul Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

GASP! Hip-Hop on Big10!?! Cookin Soul, my favorite Producer trio from Valencia, Spain. Bodies this track. Smokers rejoice. This is your anthem.

ps. Speaking of Espana, your boy may be flying out to Barca this coming semester for a DJ gig courtesy of the homie Kyke Navarro. stay tuned.