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Jack Mulqueen

Self-Aggrandizing Bootleg Post

Make no mistake about it, with the absence of a consistent second contributor (Markell is LAzy, Siegal is in Shanghai, Nak3d is too busy looking in the mirror…) This website has devolved into a revolutionary blog dictatorship.

Essentially, that means I can post as many of my own bootlegs as I want.

The good news: this one happens to be particularly dank.

1) Anyway On the Run (Jack Mulqueen Bootleg)-Duck Sauce Vs. De Bos ***Fuego***

ATTENTION! *Right-Click* to download.

After seeing Avicii mix these two tracks live, to amazing results, I had to try to craft a bootleg mixing the two. Super-Funky. You’re gonna like this one.

ChubbyBeavers was nice enough to give it their stamp of approval. Thanks homies! I hope all of you guys have been checking their site regularly. Indisputably one of the best out there.