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Eddie Thoneick

Candy for that SWEET tooth

Coming out strong for my first post to satisfy that sweet tooth for new bangers. Everyone has heard the classic Sweet Disposition remix, but these four mashups mix the classy Swedish House tune into some familiar and new jams. Check it.

1) Sweet Dreams Disposition (Eddie Thoneick bootleg) – The Temper Trap & Eurythmics

CRACK. Eddie Thoneick is a genius. Use of the Sweet Dream lyrics are impeccable in this mix.

2) Sweet Teenage Crime (Chris Delay mashup) – The Temper Trap vs Adrian Lux

CHRONIC Banger. Brilliant mashup of two classic Axwell jams. Scope it.

3) Sweet Body Language (MKC reboot) РBooka Shade vs The Temper Trap

This track caught me because it mixes the banging beat of Sweet Disposition with an electronic jam-band feel, different than what house fanatics like myself are used to.

4) Sweet Disposition (Morgan Page mix) – The Temper Trap

Morgan Page crushes another remix – slower, chiller style that is closer to resembling the original Temper Trap track.



Nothing Better


1) Nothing Better (Muzzaik Remix)- Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick


This track opened up last week’s Essential Mix and rightfully so. It’s a dope remix. Download it.

Due to the Heat

I don’t think it could be any hotter in NYC right now. The last time I was in heat like this, I was in Europe 2 summers ago. Speaking of summer fun…

Together (Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Together (Eddie Thoneick Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Who doesn’t love this classic track from Bob Sinclar. Europe loves him and his fun style. It is not a surprise that the Eddie Thoneick remix revitalizes this old school banger.

Life Your Life

Yes, Erick Morillo made “I Like to Move it Move it”

bet you didn’t know that.

1) Live Your Life (feat Shawnee Taylor)-Eddie Thoneick & Erick Morillo


At first, this track sounds so very Thoneick, to the point where you may be like, “Where is Morillo?” then something starts happening at 2:03 and by 2:15 it’s a full blown Deep V-Neck Wearing Morillo Jam. I dig it.

California, Rest in Peace

I know you love Dirty South. And who doesn’t love the Red Hot Chili Pepper? Both of them on the same track is legit…but when Eddie Thoneick remixes it. OY!

We are California (Eddie Thoneick Bootleg) – Dirty South vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Everyone knows the words to this classic song, but not many know the beat….Time to pre-order my iPhone 4.

Nak3d, out

Don’t Let Me Down Eddie

House is Love. This is how I feel. Sitting in my 3 hour Friday class is just making me think about tonight – Benny Benassi is playing at the Fillmore Detroit, and I’m going with a 35-person crew taking a party bus….I have as much faith in Benassi as I do in Eddie Thoneick.

Don’t Let Me Down (David Tort Mix) – Eddie Thoneick Feat. Michael Feiner

Personally, I think that any song with real instruments automatically has the upper hand on one with a purely electronic beat. That being said, this feel good house track from Eddie Thoneick uses vocal to accompany perfect builds and drops. This banger was one of the top songs in Europe last summer, and our hip-hop/rap loving country may finally be ready to rage with the big boys.

Click Here to Download