House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


Rolling in the Deep

Rolling In The Deep. It’s a total jam. Combine it with that infectious, never-gets-old, synth hook from Show Me Love, and you have a winner.

1) Show Me In The Deep (DJs from Mars Classic Club Bootleg)-Adele vs. Robin S ***FUEGO***

This is one of those brand new “secret weapons” I’ve been busting out in my DJ sets, but I pride myself on 100% transparency with you guys so it just wouldn’t be right to withhold it. It’s a complete track. Wait til you hit the random dubstep break in the middle and you’ll agree with me wholeheartedly.



Get Familiar: Swerve

Swerve. 16 Year-Old Essex-based producer. On the verge of world domination.

I happened upon one of his tracks during Kissy Sell-Out’s radio show. It was a remix of “Gold Dust”. Now, Gold Dust is obviously a Drum & Bass track, and the most famous remix for it, as you can imagine, is the Flux Pavilion Remix, a Dubstep Remix. For you non-DJs that makes sense because Drum & Bass is generally 140 BPM and Dubstep is usually 70 BPM, so you can overlay them very easily.

1)Gold Dust (Swerve Remix)-DJ Fresh ***FUEGO***

Swerve is not content with the easy way out. What he creates is an Electro-House masterpiece with an exorbitant amount of bounce that utilizes the contagious lyrics of the original perfectly, including some very tight sampling at the beginning.

Can’t get enough of Swerve? Check out his SIIIICK “I Remember” Remix below, and be one of the first people to like him on Facebook so you can brag to all your friends once he blows up!


Summer Special: 4 Amazing Mixes, One Post.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes an abundance of time for extended music-listening sessions. Be it laying down on the beach, commuting to an exotic weekend locale, relaxing, or partying, add these 4 mixes, each unique and spectacular in their own regard, to your summer rotation.

The first two come from to personal friends of mine. The second two come from remarkable up-and-coming European producers.

1)Not To Be Mistaken for Vodka-EEKO

EEKO, DJ and Dancing Astronaut extraordinaire, absolutely brings it with this mix. Put this on at your pregame or party and have every single demographic pleased. He opens with the tongue-in-cheek pop banger, and proceeds to demolish it with a plethora of dutch, progressive, and electro-house masterpieces. Perhaps the most impressive part, besides the inclusion of some of his own bootlegs, are the incredibly seamless transitions that keep the mix flowing smoother than a Vodka Tonic with lime. Follow EEKO on Twitter and hit him up on his Facebook to give him props.

2) May 2011 Promo Mix-Jay Costa

After hearing this mix I had to pause and ask myself if Jay Costa is half-Swedish. Heritage notwithstanding, Costa brings it with a slew of massive tracks that would sound right at home within the set of an Ultra Main-Stage Headliner. This mix should be called Big Tunes 101. Cue this up at the peak hour of your party and watch people go HAM.  I shit you not I’ve listened to if 4 times already and every time I like it more and more. Hit Jay up on his Twitter or his Facebook and show love for blessing your ears with this bad-boy.

3) Tony Senghore DJ Mix 16-Tony Senghore

Is Hard Electro more of your thing? You’re going to love this one then. Tony Senghore, who happens to hail from, funny enough, Sweden, Attacks the mix with reckless abandon, and dark sounds aplenty. This is for that blackout, sweaty, party when things start getting really weird and you need a mix that thoroughly represents how schwasted everyone is.

4) TrailerTrash 7th Birthday Mix-Gesaffelstein (Mediafire Link)

Gesaffelstein’s sound makes Tony Senghore’s sound seem as dark as an albino. An eerily beautiful 36 minute symphony of Techno, Acid-House, and Electro awaits you upon playing this mix. Listen at your own risk.


Summer Anthems: Laidback Luke/Katy Perry

 As Electronic Dance Music enters arguably the first summer of its Golden Age, We can expect many of the massive summer tracks released by big producers to appeal to a wide audience. Could Laidback Luke have nailed it more tastefully with this release?

1) Last Friday Night (Laidback Luke Remix)-Katy Perry ***FUEGO***

This track has all the key ingredients of a massive summer anthem: 1) Its subject matter is a day of the week, meaning it will get played in every club on every Friday night, that you can just about guarantee. 2) It has the simple, singable lyrics that even the drunkest, jappiest girl couldn’t possibly screw up, but no extensive vocal break that makes it unappealing to DJs 3) Guitar Break! 4) Dreamy Synths 5) HUGE DROP.


New Exclusives from

I was not privy to the wonders of until a few days ago, but what a pleasant surprise to wake up to an e-mail from their founder, Anton, with two exclusives for me to share with you! So add his website of tremendous repute to your every-day music-scouring routine, and check out these two Beat My Day exclusives below.

1) Save The World (Style of Eye & Carli Remix)-Swedish House Mafia (Preview)

2) Right Here, Right Now (Tristan Garner Remix)-Fatboy Slim (BMD Exclusive)


New Nicky Romero Previews Abundant

You can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. Feeding off the immense hype building around him, Nicky Romero has released two previews of upcoming tracks of his. One, a remix, the other, an original production dropping on Sander Van Doorn’s Doorn Records.

1)Keyword (Preview)-Nicky Romero

Coming to a club near you 6/6/2011. One of the things I love about Soundcloud is that you can just see a song building up into a massive climax. The visual cue heightens the anticipation of what you’re about to hear if you ask me. I can see how dorn decided to pick this one up though. Amazingly progressive/trancey feel/support of a fellow Dutchman, it all makes sense.

2) Out of the Dark (Nicky Romero Remix)-Housequake 

Dark, Subliminal tech-house. It’s amazing the diversity of sounds Romero is capable of effortlessly mastering. Every track, you see something different out of him. At the ripe age of 22 he seems incapable of relegating himself to a single sub-genre, and much more content extrapolating the essence of different styles of production, and putting his own unique spin on them. Bravo.


Must Download Pt. 2

The week of amazing music releases continues with a collaborative effort between Bingo Players and Nicky Romero. This track has a very similar sound and progression as Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki’s Turbulence but without the annoying Lil Jon vocals, making it a winner!

1) Sliced (Original Mix)-Bingo Players & Nicky Romero ****MUST DOWNLOAD****

This drop is going to absolutely demolish dancefloors worldwide starting tonight.