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JACK MULQUEEN aka 2PercentMulq

Bio: Born and raised in Manhattan, Jack Mulqueen, a Senior at the UW, has been DJing for a year now. Attributing his love for DJing to his instinctual, insatiable urge to control the music at every party, Mulq walks the duplicitous edge between playing amazing, obscure, extremely danceable tracks, while sporadically dropping the ubiquitous classics that everyone knows and loves. With a personal music taste best-described as eclectic due to his affinity for genres ranging from Classical, Bossa Nova, Hip-Hop, and Disco, his mission is purely altruistic: Tune you into good music that you may not be familiar with. Using his expansive social network and comprehensive understanding of all the social media platforms, Mulq sees B10 as the perfect tool to accomplish such a goal.

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Gli Affiliati

MATTHEW SKOLNICK aka MattySterling

Bio: He is one of the most interesting men in the world. Born and raised on Tatooine, MattySterling, The bastard son of Steve Aoki, has found unparalleled success as a producer, visionary music-video star, and unparalleled graphic designer. Like a dog pissing on a shrub, he has left his indelible mark all over, and we are all better off for it. With a signature flip of those long luscious locks of his he is able to captivate minds and hearts alike. His omnipresence on the web is inescapable, making him the perfect addition to the Mafia.

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