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Summer Special: 4 Amazing Mixes, One Post.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes an abundance of time for extended music-listening sessions. Be it laying down on the beach, commuting to an exotic weekend locale, relaxing, or partying, add these 4 mixes, each unique and spectacular in their own regard, to your summer rotation.

The first two come from to personal friends of mine. The second two come from remarkable up-and-coming European producers.

1)Not To Be Mistaken for Vodka-EEKO

EEKO, DJ and Dancing Astronaut extraordinaire, absolutely brings it with this mix. Put this on at your pregame or party and have every single demographic pleased. He opens with the tongue-in-cheek pop banger, and proceeds to demolish it with a plethora of dutch, progressive, and electro-house masterpieces. Perhaps the most impressive part, besides the inclusion of some of his own bootlegs, are the incredibly seamless transitions that keep the mix flowing smoother than a Vodka Tonic with lime. Follow EEKO on Twitter and hit him up on his Facebook to give him props.

2) May 2011 Promo Mix-Jay Costa

After hearing this mix I had to pause and ask myself if Jay Costa is half-Swedish. Heritage notwithstanding, Costa brings it with a slew of massive tracks that would sound right at home within the set of an Ultra Main-Stage Headliner. This mix should be called Big Tunes 101. Cue this up at the peak hour of your party and watch people go HAM.  I shit you not I’ve listened to if 4 times already and every time I like it more and more. Hit Jay up on his Twitter or his Facebook and show love for blessing your ears with this bad-boy.

3) Tony Senghore DJ Mix 16-Tony Senghore

Is Hard Electro more of your thing? You’re going to love this one then. Tony Senghore, who happens to hail from, funny enough, Sweden, Attacks the mix with reckless abandon, and dark sounds aplenty. This is for that blackout, sweaty, party when things start getting really weird and you need a mix that thoroughly represents how schwasted everyone is.

4) TrailerTrash 7th Birthday Mix-Gesaffelstein (Mediafire Link)

Gesaffelstein’s sound makes Tony Senghore’s sound seem as dark as an albino. An eerily beautiful 36 minute symphony of Techno, Acid-House, and Electro awaits you upon playing this mix. Listen at your own risk.



Familiarize Yourself: Boris Dlugosch

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I’m obsessed with Boys Noize. Probably because every time I post something related to Boys Noize I preface it with “If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I’m obsessed with Boys Noize.” Well, BN is known for working with two producers rather frequently. One of them is Erol Alkan. The other? Well, award yourself 5 points if you guessed Boris Dlugosch.

Dlugosch posted a new February Mix to his Facebook two days ago, and it is really swell. It may be the perfect “Opening Set”, if that makes sense. Starts from nothing, and slowly intensifies. It’s an aural journey of sorts. First, grab my fav BD/BN collaboration.

1) Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)-Boys Noize

Everyone reading this who is going to Ultra, if you don’t see Boys Noize play there, you’re a goddamn fool. Best live set there is. First time I heard this track live, I almost melted like one of the bad guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Heavy ish.

Download Dlugosch’s set from his Soundcloud.


Blog Lovin: Jesse Marco

Funday Sunday Innovator, Open Format Icon.

All of these things come to mind when one thinks of NYC’s own Jesse Marco.

Add “Successful Producer” to the list and chalk up another win for the local legend.

His turntablism and eclecticism has garnered him critical acclaim, and his new Lavo gig has demonstrated his adaptability in playing a 100% House set. His productions are a menagerie of sounds that come together in beautiful, danceable harmony.

1)Radioactive (Jesse Marco & Cool Cat Remix)-Kings of Leon

Think Chromeo meets Classixx with a hint of Wolfgang Gartner.

2) Dancing with the DJ (Jesse Marco Remix)-The Knocks

Jesse turns up the funk for this guy, manufacturing a club-ready remix that captures essence of the late nights that make our youth so memorable.

The second track is a remix of another local NYC group, The Knocks, one of whose members, B-Roc, I used to witness killing it at The Box back in the day. Happy to see all these talented young NYC artists on the production come-up. Keep doin’ your thing homies.


Interview: Skeet Skeet

My Los Angeles Odyssey had many highlights, but one of them had to be bumping into the unmistakeable Trevor “Skeet Skeet” McFedries in the VIP room of Trousdale.

Skeet is posed for big things in 2011. His productions are so complex and ragetacular that you can only imagine my excitement when he told me he’d be down to do an interview for B10.

But first, Skeet Skeet’s newest production, an SHM-inspired remix of the Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time”

1)The Time (Skeet Skeet’s “Silverlake House Mafia” Remix)-The Black Eyed Peas ***Fuego***

B10: Describe your sound in a run-on sentence with a lot of made-up adjectives

Skeet: Ummm fun party music that makes ur ears ring sometimes and sometimes not so much depending on what mood im in cuz i dont really have a sound i just make whatever the fuck i feel like at the moment.

B10: Last year, you worked with PeaceTreaty on the Blah Blah Blah (Rave Rave Rave Remix). The final product yields a sound that is both Skeet Skeet-ish and PeaceTreatyish at the same time. What was the dynamic collaborating on a track with three other dudes?

Skeet: At that time it was only Josh as “peacetreaty.” We had talked online for a couple weeks then we went to lunch one day and he told me he was goin to spain for engineering school and was just messing around making beats. I basically told him to take that shit serious cuz he has a lot of gifts in production and then we went back to my pad and banged it out pretty quick. I had my poppier version done and got to kinda let him run the FL studio rig and do his thing.

B10: Are there any other producers in particular that you would love to collaborate with?

Skeet: Bangladesh, Justin Martin, 40 (Drake’s producer).

B10: Speaking of production, what kind of equipment and software are you using to make all of these filthy beats?

Skeet: I’m 99% in the box i work in ableton live and barely use a midi keyboard. Do almost all of my programming with a mouse or with my computer keyboard. Soft synths i use mostly are albino, nexus, predator and circle.

B10: The blogosphere has undoubtedly played an integral part in bringing electronic music back into the mainstream in the US. As Dance music has now seemingly cemented itself into our culture, what role do you see the blogosphere playing going forward as a medium?

Skeet: Blogs have become an integral part of all media, blogs have been huge in my success  so I can only see them gaining momentum but becoming more filtered as people become more savvy with them.

B10: You yourself are an avid blogger, with a whimsical site whose topics span far beyond music. What is the mission of

Skeet: Just a little inside into what im checking out on the web. Lots of dumb videos and music I dig etc.

B10: LA seems to be a perfect breeding ground for young electronic music producers, with two world-renowned weekly parties (Dim Mak Tuesdays and Control @ Avalon), an abundance of blogs, amongst them GDD, and a plethora of up-and-coming producers such as yourself, Dillon Francis, and Religion. What would you say to the fledgling producer who just bought his first synth and has no idea where to go from there?

Skeet: I always say find what makes you different, when I started making dance music noone I knew was. I think that was what pushed me into some notoriety there just werent many dudes making the kind of music I liked. If you’re into polka and dubstep go there polkastep fuck it who knows where it may go for ya. But music has to be an extension of you.

B10: You have gained critical acclaim for your remixes. As your popularity swells and soars into 2011 can we expect a lot more original mixes from you as well? What can we look forward to from Skeet Skeet in 2011?

Skeet: Skeet ALBUM! About 12 songs into it so far, been working with some amazing songwriters and friends all over to just kind of go in and see what happens. The whole idea for the album is just to call my friends get in a studio and make a song and see what happens. No real theme, i have stuff with Bonde Do Role thats 145 bpm and stuff with Donnis thats 87 bpm. A lot like my dj sets i guess all over.

B10: Speaking of your tunes, what is your favorite Skeet Skeet track?

Skeet: I didnt think anyone would dig my Broken Social Scene remix but thats probably my favorite remix ever. Also really like the tune  I did with DZ

1) All To All (Skeet Skeet’s Trap House Remix)-Broken Social Scene

2)Bizarro Funk– DZ & Skeet

B10: You have played at SBE Hot-spots like Hyde, as well as festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella. What is your ideal gig and why?

Skeet: Man i dont know probably somewhere in australia those kids are so mental I love playing there. Ya big day out australia with 12th Planet and 3oh!3 and nadastrom and diplo annnnnd rage against the machine my favorite dudes to dj with and my fav band ever.

B10: Lastly, You’ve got the Main Stage at Ultra, with thousands of hungry electro-house heads waiting for you to drop some dope beats on their heads. What three non-Skeet Skeet bangers do you play?


1) Flex- Schlachtofbronx

2)Those Dancing Days (Cassian Remix)-Monkey Safari

3) Chicken Run (Max Le Daron Ravecumbiaton Refix)-Canblaster

B10: Thanks for your time!

Follow Skeet Skeet on Twitter. He’s hilarious

Show your support for all the free tunes he bangs out by Liking him on Facebook

Download all of his remixes for free on his Soundcloud!

Get inside Skeet Skeet’s head on his website,

Also, Big ups to all the BHHS homies, Kope, Bru, Kerman, Gleitman, Trevor,  doin big things.


Black N Yellow

I’m a little slow on the uptake right here, as this nugget of joy has been on 310 Electro and The Fresh Beat already, but why not?

1)Black N Yellow (DJ Kue Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

Love this Complextro Dubstep mixed with Electro mid-song thangggg

Bonus: Black N Yellow (Cookin’ Soul Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

GASP! Hip-Hop on Big10!?! Cookin Soul, my favorite Producer trio from Valencia, Spain. Bodies this track. Smokers rejoice. This is your anthem.

ps. Speaking of Espana, your boy may be flying out to Barca this coming semester for a DJ gig courtesy of the homie Kyke Navarro. stay tuned.


Eff You Blizzard/Sunlight!

NYC is about to become one giant dirty snowball.

Thankfully I’m dipsetting to LaLa land for the Rosebowl

1)Sunlight-Bag Raiders *Hot*

If this isn’t feel-good music, I don’t know what is. Ps. @OMGLifeHacks taught me something interesting yesterday. If you smile, you’ll immediately become happy. Try it. Not while listening to this song though, because your head may explode.

2)The Promise (12″ O.N. Mix)-When in Rome

A slightly tweaked edit, modernizing a timeless classic.


Dirty Dirty Terrible Electro

I drank A bunch of 4Lokos and started mixing.

1) Dirty Dirty Terrible Electro- Jack Mulqueen

(Right-Click To Download) ***Fuego***