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Dirty South

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1)Alamo (Original Mix)– Dirty South



Dirty South puts his spin on “Hypnotize U”

My favorite edition of the Daft Punk produced track.

1)Hypnotize U (Dirty South Remix)-N*E*R*D feat. Daft Punk *Hot*

What strikes me as unique about this track is the way that certain production elements that are prominent after the drop are not shielded during the build-up. Their omnipresence throughout this track gives it a uniquely progressive feel. Rather than “banging”, it hypnotizes, as the title would suggest, but in a very different way than the original does.


I return bearing gifts

It’s been about a day’s hiatus to wean you guys into the facebook page, but I have returned with bangers to bequeath to you. If you haven’t already, grab the Tron soundtrack from the Facebook page today only!

1) Let it Go Knas 2011-Dirty South & Steve Angello

Yet another Knas bootleg. They all work though! Knas bootlegs need to be a sub-genre.

2) Heat it up feat. Lady Bee (Rene Kuppens Remix)-Seductive *Hot*

My favorite track of the week.

In other news, I’m not sure of the dichotomy of male/female Big10 followers,

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California, Rest in Peace

I know you love Dirty South. And who doesn’t love the Red Hot Chili Pepper? Both of them on the same track is legit…but when Eddie Thoneick remixes it. OY!

We are California (Eddie Thoneick Bootleg) – Dirty South vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Everyone knows the words to this classic song, but not many know the beat….Time to pre-order my iPhone 4.

Nak3d, out

Phazing + Remix = Awesome

I can’t stop posting! This blog is addictive. At Ultra Music Festival 2010, I saw Dirty South kill it so hard that I thought he had the second best set of the festival (Swedish House Mafia was BY FAR THE BEST OY). I was torn because I’d seen Tiesto multiple times and they were playing at the same time on different stages. I heard Dirty South drop his new single, Phazing, and liked what I heard. However, Tiesto’s brand new remix proves that the original was just a stepping stone for the track’s evolution.

Phazing (original mix) – Dirty South Feat. Rudy

Click Here to Download Original

Phazing (Tiesto Remix) – Dirty South Feat. Rudy

Click Here to Download Tiesto Remix

For future reference, I often look for remixes of songs I like, usually finding better versions of it. Both of these Progressive House tracks are good, but this post is to bring you Tiesto’s remix. When I post remixes, I’m going to post the next best version (or other good versions) of the song in addition to the song (or songs) I’m posting about. Use this as a bases to see the difference between the songs and make your own opinion about which you like best. Feel free to comment about songs you like or songs you want to hear – I do this for you.


Yes, I know a lot of you are grumbling about this abundance of hip-hop, so we’re doing double duty this week in the lead-up to the upcoming show which means more good tunes for you. DJ Heif will be helping me carry this load as early as tomorrow, and Skolz should join short-after as soon as he’s done moping (love y0u RyRy)

1) With You Forever-Pnau

Caught this one off of my favorite set these days, The Twelves’ “Twelfth Hour”, which has been sitting in my ITunes library forever so I finally gave it a listen the other day and wow….It is spot-on. If you want to download that you can find it HERE. This track has a very Empire of the Sun feel to it…and rightly so, because PNAU is part of Empire of the Sun. Just download.

(click here to begin download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

BONUS: With You Forever (Dirty South Remix) – Pnau

D2D has mad love for Dirty South, so if you need something a bit housier, here you go. Personally I think the original is much better but they are both friggin’ sweet.

(click here to download)