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Chuckie + MJ = Alley-Oop CRUSH

#1) Hollywood Tonight (DJ Chuckie Remix) – Michael Jackson

Chuckie at it again. Dare I call this guy the remix king of our generation. Thank Morg for hooking up the jams! Been looping this one all week. Enjoy.



Blog Lovin: Chuckie @ Lavo 01/13/11

Things I love: Electronic Dance Music

Things I really love: Seeing my favorite DJs perform live

Things I hate: Being suffocated in a throng of a million guidos while trying to enjoy my favorite DJs

Enter Lavo; New York City’s premier upscale Electronic Dance Music Venue.

There were a plethora of factors that contributed to my having such a favorable first experience at Lavo. Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t have to schlep all the way downtown to go to a nice night-club replete with beautiful people, which raises the question, why the hell do we go all the way down to the Meatpacking District every night anyway?

The second contributing factor had to be the crowd. Clean, impeccably dressed, beautiful, house-loving young adults. No riff-raf, No dudes rocking bandanas and sweatpants with no shirt, sweating all over me; what a refreshing change of scenery compared to your typical House Music show. Look; don’t get me wrong, I’m all for busting out my neon tank-top and white skinny-jeans on occasion and getting my fist-bump on, but sometimes I want to throw on a suit and tie and still be able to enjoy my favorite DJs in an upscale and selective venue. Feel me?

The third contributing factor had to be the atmosphere. Generally upscale venues can become a bit stuffy because of the stringent door and the whole see-and-be-seen attitude permeating the subconscious of every patron. Lavo found the answer to that by handing out quirky glow-in-the-dark plastic wayfarers at the door, and having amazing lights and sound, an atmosphere that maintains the integrity of the Dance Party; a guilty pleasure we have all relished in at some point or another.

The fourth contributing factor was the talent. Chuckie absolutely killed it. From the moment he got on and announced his presence, He proceeded to drop banger after banger. As he is currently promoting the next release in his series of Electronic LPS: Dirty Dutch Digital Vol. 3, Lavo was treated to a plethora of unreleased bangers, including the unbelievable “Jaws” by Gregori Klosman. If I had one qualm with his set, it may have been that he layed on the foghorn a little too heavy, but he easily made up for that by playing a stupendous set, refusing to compromise its integrity with Top40 remixes, and instead playing Dutch Anthem after Dutch Anthem. My highlight had to be when he played his remix of Mohombi’s “Bumpy Ride”. The energy of the room was palpable.

What an amazing send-off to an unbelievable trip in NYC. Thumbs up to Lavo. One of the upsides of the expansion of House Music as a genre will undoubtedly be the inception of upscale venues such as Lavo and Provocateur, that bring in premium electronic talent regularly to cater to their clientele’s insatiable urge for Top DJs. Next up, a Lavo residency? It remains to be seen…But the future for the night club is promising.


Dirty Dutch Dizzle

Yoinked this guy from Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch Digital. More of Gregori Klosman just killing it.

1)Irresistible (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Remix)-Nervo

Gregori Klosman has to be my #1 Up-And-Comer in the Dutch Realm. Can’t get enough of him right now.


From Russia With <3

With every Chuckie & Gregori Klosman release I get more and more excited for DDV3.

1)From Russia With Love (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Remix)-DJ Smash ***Fuego***

Ok, so the build-up may suck up some of the energy from the dancefloor, but as soon as those synths start swelling, that energy will pick right back up. And don’t even get me started on those stabbing synths after the drop. Heavy-duty.


Approach With Caution: Dutch House Bangers

3 new essential Dutch bangers that come with Club Epic track warnings – play these at appropriate times. This ain’t chill music – Scope em!

1) Hey Sexy Lady (Afrojack Remix) – iSquare

Afrojack kills it again with his long awaited Steve Angello-produced iSquare’s remix of Hey Sexy Lady. Definition of a Dutch House banger. FIRE.

2) One More Time in Miami Bitch (Pristine Blusters Mashup) – Daft Punk vs. DJ Chuckie

When I was shown just the name of this mashup, I almost melted. You get what you get with this one – banging of Chuckie’s  classic Dutch house music, mixed with potentially the most successful electronic track of all time. This is, in a word… CRACK

3) Outta Your Mind (Sidney Samson Remix) – Lil Jon

Sidney Samson crushes out another Afrojack influenced remix. Wild drop. Super electro. Super CHRONZ.


Chuckie @ Lavo Tonight

Tonight, Dirty Dutch Master Chuckie takes his talents to premier upscale Nightclub Lavo.

(212) 750-5588 for table bookings.

Now, my absolute favorite Chuckie track.

1)Aftershock (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Remix)-Chuckie ***Fuego***

I posted this guy a while ago, but let’s be real. It never gets old does it. Hope to see you all there tonight. His sets, and particularly his ability to infuse top40 and hip-hop tastefully without losing his dirty-dutch sound, are unprecedented.



Yes, that is a picture of a stream.

First off, now that we’re legit and you can preview tracks, You guys have no excuse but to spread the word about the website. Seriously. Get to it. Tell everyone you know. Tweet it. Facebook it.

In return, I give you the gift of Fire.

1)Move it 2 The Drum (Promised Land Remix)-Chuckie & Hardwell feat. Ambush ***Fuego***

Best track of 2010 just got an even more epic rework. This track is a DJ’s nightmare. The progression is so amazing that you’d be a fool not to let it play for at least 4 minutes. Seriously, Wait for the Piano at 3:00

2)No Access (Original Mix)-Michael Woods ***Fuego***

This track is soooo Anze’d out. So good that even on 2 4lokos last night I spent 20 minutes trying to fix Kopedale’s stereo so my friends could hear it. It’s raw electro. Club shit.

So enjoy streaming from now on, and do your civic duties by spreading the word about Big10