House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

Marco V


A video of Bizerkey doin’ work at Otto Zutz.

I intend to leave people with a party moment that they will never forget in their entire lives.

Here’s a song that you will def be hearing if you are in attendance

1)Provider (Original Mix)-Marco V ***FUEGO***

Marco V may be House Music’s unsung hero. The guy continually drops amazing original productions, his records are constantly getting play from everyone including the Swedish House Mafia, and yet he hasn’t transcended the American mainstream in the manner that other producers such as Afrojack and Avicii have. Maybe it’s because he isn’t as sexy a name (Marco V kindof sounds like that creepy Spanish dude you met at Opium Mar last night), maybe it’s because he kindof looks like Moby, but whatever it is, the man needs more credit, because he is an absolute visionary when it comes to capturing that massive Swedish sound. Look no further than Provider or Reaver for proof of this.



Gettin’ Sweedy with It


1)Miami 2 Ibiza (Static Revenger Remix)-Swedish House Mafia **Dumb Hot**

I’ll be honest with you, I never liked the original mix of Miami 2 Ibiza. The sound seemed outdated. Static Revenger is able to out-SHM SHM in this track though, and I love the end result.

2)Contour (Original Mix)-Marco V *Hot*

Marco V in my mind is the producer who is most capable of capturing the essence of the SHM sound. This is only reaffirmed by how extensively SHM drops his tracks during their sets. His new single, Contour, is no exception. This is a big track.