House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


Mind of a Genius

I know its been a while…I missed you guys too.

Soooo my MKT 300 exam is in 6 hours and all I can do is think about HOUSE. I always listen to podcasts when I’m studying, and after 4 hours of bangers, I threw on David Dann’s newest podcast – Untitled ft EDX. That’s about when I stopped reading and started raging. With over 500,000 subscribers, podcast legend Dann has been killing it his whole life. This collab with EDX reminds me why he has such a big following – subscribing to his podcast is a must. Sit back, throw your beats on, and enjoy some great F**KING house.

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Untitled ft. EDX – David Dann | Mind of a Genius (to download, right click the link and select “Download linked file as…”)

– nak3d


On Another Level…

I just love when the same great vocals are recorded by two seperate vocalists and remixed by remarkable artists

I Get Lifted (Michael Gray and Danism Remix) – Erick Morillo Ft. Debora Cooper) – Click song to download

This Progressive House track builds up nicely with easy-to-sing-along vocals that anyone can learn the words to quickly. By the end of the song, you’re head bob will turn into a full on money dance.

I Get Lifted (Bob Sinclar Remix) – Barbara Tucker – Click song to download (RECOMMENDED)

Like the above track, the vocals here are the same. However, this remix has a funkier feel, kind of more bug out, but it sounds so nice. When the keyboard comes in at 3 minutes, it sounds like the gospel at church (i dont really know anything about church, just saying)  is singing about sheer happiness…

Music gets me LIFTED – nak3d

Due to the Heat

I don’t think it could be any hotter in NYC right now. The last time I was in heat like this, I was in Europe 2 summers ago. Speaking of summer fun…

Together (Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Together (Eddie Thoneick Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards – Click to Download

Who doesn’t love this classic track from Bob Sinclar. Europe loves him and his fun style. It is not a surprise that the Eddie Thoneick remix revitalizes this old school banger.

Life Goes On

Could Erick Morillo look more like a boss?

1) Life Goes On – Erick Morillo

Click Here to Download

This progressive track showcases the relaxing vibe Morillo gives off with his music. The song builds the for entire 5 minutes, and the soft beat is accompanies by nice vocals.

2) Life Goes on 2009 (Avicii Vs. Philgood Rmx) – Richard Grey Vs. Erick Morillo & Jose Nunez

Click Here to Download (DOWNLOAD NOW)

This remix is not new, but I don’t think that matter. I was on an airplane, my iPod was on shuffle, and I stumbled across this. With more of a housey feeling, Avicii and Philgood utilize my favorite instrument, the piano, to create what I call the “OY YOY YOYYYY” effect.” Vocals + Piano = awesome.

Straight to the Sky

I gotta give a shout out to my man Dj ATS for showing me this track.

Straight to the Sky – Sandy Vee Ft. Robin S.

Click Here To Download

Any collaboration with Robin S and Sandy Vee is sure to be a banger. When the vocals and the keyboard come in at around 1:00 minute, I start to get the tingles. Slowly but surely, this trance–>progressive track builds, and the drop following the 2nd set of vocals make me want to get in a spaceship and blastoff! My favorite part is 3:30 in….I’ll stop giving it away though. This is a keeper.

Nak3d, out