House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

The Twelves


Le Castle Vania is a weird lookin dewd. But I love that shirt.

Had this one sitting around since January but I just rediscovered it.

Back to NYC on Wednesday so what a fitting post.

1) Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix)-The Virgins

Mattia asked me to go to a Virgins concert three years ago when they were nobodies and like an idiot I turned him down. Two years later they release one of the biggest summer jams of the year, the easy going “Rich Girls”. Here at DadeToDane, we’re not about easy-going. we’re about rocking out with our socks out (Blue Socks). This Le Castle Vania remix turns it to 11 without forcing the original down our throats.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

Bonus: Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)-The Virgins

You know I’ll take any opportunity to throw some Twelves on the blog.

(click here to download)