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Dirty South puts his spin on “Hypnotize U”

My favorite edition of the Daft Punk produced track.

1)Hypnotize U (Dirty South Remix)-N*E*R*D feat. Daft Punk *Hot*

What strikes me as unique about this track is the way that certain production elements that are prominent after the drop are not shielded during the build-up. Their omnipresence throughout this track gives it a uniquely progressive feel. Rather than “banging”, it hypnotizes, as the title would suggest, but in a very different way than the original does.




If you know me you know I love N*E*R*D. As such, I was super-thrilled to find this new jam when searching for new music yesterday.

1) Hot N Fun (Feat Nelly Furtad0)-N*E*R*D

Pretty much anything Pharell touches is gold, but throw Chad Hugo’s tight production sense into the mix, and Shay’s rapping, which is always welcome (I mean everyone loves Shay), and you have a wonderful new sound called N*E*R*D…Then take that, and throw Nelly Furtado in the mix, who I have grown to love over the past couple of years even though she is Canadian, and you have something that is D2D-worthy.

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