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Matty Sterling

Ears Will Bleed

I don’t have any children, and thanks to the good people at Trojan Brand CondomĀ© I probably won’t any time soon… But this must be the feeling one gets when your child comes home with an A+ on their grammar test. Big10HouseMafia’s own Matty Sterling has finally found his sound and come into his own as a producer. It brings a tear to my eye that I can finally post his stuff and feel good about it. You did it Matty!

1)Ears Will Bleed (Original Mix)-Matty Sterling ***FUEGO***

Dirty Dirty Electro in the same vein of Skrillex. Sterling kills it. He produces, he sings on it, I was not expecting something this dope but he pulled it off with flying colors. Now Big10HouseMafia followers you must be up on his every move.