House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

The Twelves

Hospital Megapost

Lucky you, I’m stuck in this Hospital Room with nothing to do but post amazing tunes for your enjoyment.


1) Mumba (G Thomas & Jake Shanahan Remix)-Sebastian Lintz

If you like “No Americano” then you’re going to like this.

2)Me & Madonna (Twelves Remix)-Black Strobe

So good to hear some new stuff from the Brazilian production duo. Literally The Twelves are fucking amazing. Go on SeekAndDownload and download their whole catalog right now. Especially “Seven (Twelves Remix)-Fever Ray”

3)Seven (Twelves Remix)-Fever Ray ***Fuego***

Gosh I spoil you guys so much.

UPDATE: Listen to the awful original track in the video before, then listen to the Twelves Remix, just to truly capture how awesome The Twelves production is.

4)Into The Night (Prince Language Remix)– Azari & III

I love that every Azari & III Remix maintains a feeling of what made the original track so appealing.