House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


Heart is King

Big ups to Vinyl Penetration for being the first to drop it,

Here is Axwell’s first solo-release of 2011

1)Heart is King (Original Mix)-Axwell **Dumb Hot**

Somebody’s been listening to Daft Punk…



One Look

First, a sick video I took at Axwell @ The Mid two weeks ago. Notice how the camera drops at the very end. Somebody hit it out of my hand. Thankfully a kind, fizzed out young lad handed it back to me. Proof that good people go to these shows!

1)One Look (Axwell vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)-David Tort feat. Gosha *Hot*

I take exception with this track. On one side, the drop at 1:00 goes so effing hard. those stabbing synths are amazing, and the bass is heavy-duty. Yet the song seems to continue to build up towards one centripetal point, at 3:46, where the melodic tune is combined with the harder synths of before, and the song seemingly can’t decide whether it wants to be an electro-house banger or a progressive face-roller.

I challenge one of my readers to make an edit that drops the 1:00 mark at 3:46 and then fades it into the final bars of the song when it starts winding down. Now that would be a banger.

Want a pointer of what it should sound like? Watch the video below.


Blow Up (Hook N Sling Remix)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Top Track of January 2011 (Just in time)

1)Blow Up (Hook N Sling & Goodwill Remix)-Hard Rock Sofa & St Brothers ***FUEGO***

Wow. Further proof that my man Hook N Sling is one of the top producers to watch of 2011. This track is massive, and considering how much Axwell has been dropping it in his sets, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it at Masquerade. I would, however, be elated.

UPDATE: Peep my good friend and future WSUM Radio Co-Host AJ’s Post for the Original Mix & the Axwell Remix


Throwback Alert

Can’t go wrong with some vintage Axwell to start the day

1)2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix)-C-Mos

Sunrise Music.


Massive New Axtone Release Imminent

Coming soon to a festival near you (If South Beach is near you).

Yet another reason why Hook N’ Sling is my top producer to watch in 2011