House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

DJ R3Hab


As usual, Kopedale always on the scene first. I’ve got mad love for his blogging grind lately; I mean, the homie basically discovered Mord Fustang. Now, everyone’s on Mord’s diddick, and yet Kopedale just sits there with this smug “I told you so.”¬†grin on his face on his face. What a guy. Prutataaa.

1)Prutataaa (Original Mix)-Afrojack feat. DJ R3hab ***FUEGO***

R3hab reminds me of a young Afrojack, which is good, because maybe he’s exactly what ‘Jack needed to get back to being his normal, jovial, beat-dropping self, instead of dropping weird awful tracks like Amanda and Doin’ It Right.



R3hab goes HAM

This is quickly becoming

I’m ok with that though if he keeps putting out releases like this.

1) Something on Your Mind (R3hab Remix)– Mync feat. Abigail Bailey

I prided myself on listening to the Dada Life April Mix yesterday and hearing this track. I immediately knew who the remixer was without even looking. He’s got a sound, and it’s good. It makes you want to jump around and act like a buffoon. I’m down with that. Nobody has been able to harness the Afrojack sound with the control that R3hab does. I suspect that after “Prutaata” drops, he will be a household name.