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Lucky Date


Here’s a track that got a great reception from the crowd last night at The Majestic

1)DiscoFukkr (Lucky Date Remix)-Lazy Rich **Dumb H0t**

Dirty Electro



Interview: Lucky Date

Jordan Atkins-Loria, alias Lucky Date, has taken Electronic Dance Music by storm, seemingly overnight. As one of the pioneers of what he calls the “Complextro” movement, this young DJ-Producer sat down with us to discuss the development of the House-Music movement and his own personal sound.

But first, some hot hot heat from the man in question.

1)Get Down (Lucky Date Remix)-Richard Vision & Trash Yourself


B10: So Jordan, describe your sound in a run-on sentence with a bunch of made-up adjectives.

LD: Ridiculously obnoxious abrasive confusing hardcore thrashy dutchy electroy dubstepy dance music.

B10: Not a lot of people realize that the American House Music movement started in Chicago with the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega. With a plethora of up-and-comers such as yourself, Midnight Conspiracy, and Dani Deahl all based out of Chicago, the emergence of Rehab @ Debonaire, and the inception of North Coast this past summer, it seems like The Chi is undergoing an Electro-House renaissance. What is the next step in getting Chicago on the same plateau as NYC, LA, and Miami in terms of the Electronic Dance Music scene?


LD: Chicago is kind of a strange place.  The roots of almost all EDM stem from Chicago House.  There will always be a great house music scene in Chicago just like there will always be a good Blues scene.  As far as electro goes Chicago has always been struggling to compete with the other major US cities.  There are a few good electro events that go on in Chicago, but there hasn’t been a party thats comparable to CONTROL at The Avalon in LA, Girls and Boys in New York, Fuck Yessss in ATL, Robotic in OKC, or Blow Up in SF.  I am excited about a new mega club that will be opening up soon in Chicago called “The Mid” Which will feature Electro every Friday with headliners such as Steve Aoki, and MSTRKRFT.  It will be cool to see if that night takes off.

B10: You are part of another new movement as well, let’s dub it the “Dirty Electro” movement. With the likes of Skrillex and Zedd at the forefront, and young guns like yourself and Porter Robinson ascending the DJ/Producer ranks at blinding speeds, Are there any other up-and-comers in your sub-genre that you’d like to make us aware of, and who of your Dirty Electro peers would you most like to collaborate with?

LD: Dirty Electro or “Complextro” is definitely taking off in a big way right now.  I am very happy that Porter, Zedd, Skrillex, Dirty Loud, Alex Mind, and Far Too Loud are becoming so popular!  My style is definitely related to the “Complextro” sound but I try to incorporate many other genres into my songs.  I have mixed feelings about “Complextro”, part of me loves it.  I am so impressed by the technical skill these producers are putting into their work.  I also love how “new” the sound is.  I also feel like “Complextro” might be going a bit over the top sometimes.  Part of what makes a good dance song is the simplicity of a catchy bass line.  “Complextro” is leaving behind that aspect which I think can sometime confuse the dance floor.  I think it is awesome but I am also going to go back to producing some catchy simple songs in the future.

B10: Your remix of House Icons Spencer & Hill has garnered critical acclaim, hitting the Beatport Top 10 in Electro-House and triumphantly launching you into the global scene. What’s next for Lucky Date?

LD: Originals. Lots and lots of Originals.  I’ve spent the last year remixing my ass off.  Now its time to write originals and hopefully get some new fans out of it!

B10: When one listens to the complexity of your production it is clear that you see music and sounds in a way that very few of us can comprehend, and it becomes apparent that you are a student of all music. With the exception of dance music, what other genres and groups do you like to listen to in your spare time?

LD: I listen to STS9 alot.  I also listen to Hip-Hop pretty much all day.  I got a soft sport for classic rock and blues aswell. Buddy guy and BB King are two of my biggest Idols.

B10: You’re backstage at EDC. Deadmau5 is closing out the night. He comes down from the cube, takes his helmet off, and tells you to jump on for a couple of songs. Thankfully you have your external in your back pocket. You climb into the Cube and stare out at 80,000 Dance Music fans at the peak of their rolls. What 3 non-Lucky-Date tracks do you drop and why?
Absolutely love this song even though its old as fuck, and I know Deadmau5 fans are starting to really get into the Dubs Wubsy
This bass line makes me move like no other right now! I literally cannot stop listening to this track.  The original is good too but this remix takes the cake.
This track is too sexy, love the shuffle, love the drums, love the synths.  Perfect Minimal/Tech track IMO.
B10: Thanks for your time!
Don’t sleep on this incredibly talented young producer.



Serious Blog Lovin’: Lucky Date

Dillon Breslin is a very good friend.

But the nicest thing he ever did for me was tune me into fellow Columbia College student and Dirty Electro Maven, Lucky Date. Essentially, I dont know where he gets his sample-packs from, but Lucky Date has been able to come up with sounds that I didn’t even know exist. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re bringing him to Madison for a show next semester (Get at me Jordan!)

WARNING: For the sake of those around you, please give yourself ample elbow-room before listening to any of these tracks. Thank you.

1)The Anthem (Lucky Date Remix)-Zedd

This track, in my mind, was the logical starting point in your journey through Lucky Date’s warped dirty electro world where sounds are perceived in a completely different way and ultimately wind up coming together in a beautiful ragetacular symphony of chaos.

2)Latin Fever (Lucky Date Remix)-Wolfgang Gartner

The drop! oh my.

3)What You Need (Lucky Date Remix)-Tiga

This one should be called “What You Need” only in name, as, with the exception of some minor vocal sampling, this is entirely Lucky Date’s original production. I am wowed. I encourage you to listen to the original mix of this track to see just what Jordan has accomplished.

4)Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix)-Spencer & Hill

Sorry, I can only stream this one. But if you like what you hear, head to Beatport and cop it. This one hit the Beatport top10 in electro-house, and for very good reason. Beware the hidden Dubstep break. Disgusting!