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The Golden Rule

The Site is Gonna be Under Construction All Week, but the Music Doesn’t Stop

Here at B10 we’re big fans of the Golden Rule. For all of you impolite simps, that’s “Do Unto Others as you Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

We’ve been getting mad love from the homies over at All Things Go, Who went to Wisc aaaaaand Happen to be Redskins fans. so obviously they are golden in my book. Thus, I figured it was only fitting that we gave them a shout.

I encourage you to Peep Their Blog– lots of good tunes in the same vein as B10, and since house music is a movement, we need to support every front of the effort to bring it into the mainstream (without making it Black-Eyed-Peas shitcrap)

Oh, howabout some music?

1) Jump Up (The 2000 Remix) – The Crookers & Major Lazer

B10 favorite The Crookers have been coming up with so much shitty unbearable shit lately, but this is a change from that. Like many Crookers tracks, if I had to describe this one in one word, it would be “hard” def worth a listen, especially if you liked the Major Lazer original.

(click here to download)