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Theophilus London

Finally some B10-Worthy Theophilus

Oh Theophilus London. The love-hate relationship I have with you, (Love-because you are so talented, Hate-because you are the biggest egomaniac ever) has reached a fever-pitch.

Thankfully, Maximum Balloon I am becoming a big fan of, one because of the Daisy Lowe Vimeo Video, two because I’ve always been a fan of TV on the Radio. peep tracks.

1) Groove Me-Maximum Balloon & Theophilus London


One word: Infectious.

1) Tiger (Feat Aku)-Maxmimum Balloon


Daisy Lowe Vimeo. Google. Do it. Now.



Without falling into the blog cliche of “Themed Thursdays”, Stark Nak3d and I are aware that¬†Electronic music is a facet of everyone’s day to day activities. Thus, in the same vein as his “Strictly for the Hunnies” series, I’ve decided to launch my own series, Baby Making Music.

Look, we’re all young adults here, and a healthy. responsible sex life is not only good for morale, but also a wonderful way to burn calories!

Now, as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks…But sometimes you have to give into those insatiable carnal urges and have a good ol’ animalistic love-making sesh with blasting electronic music…Am I right?

So over the next couple of weeks, once a week, I’ll be providing you with your soundtrack. Stay tuned.

1) Turnin Me On (Dan Oh Remix!) feat. Lil Wayne-Keri Hilson


This is def not for the faint of heart. The beat is pulsing, heavy, and electronic. Keri Hilson provides a sexy, seductive lead vocal. The breakdowns and build-ups are there, but not distinct enough to interrupt your flow, which is key for this playlist, and at the 2:50 mark Lil Wayne comes onto a stripped down beat which quickly ascends back to a normal flow producing a very pronounced effect. Great track.

2) Want u For Myself (feat Peter Hadar)-Theophilus London


Haven’t posted any Theophilus in a while. This song, which leaked, was curiously missing from his newest mixtape. It’s a wonderful track though, ideal for the beginning of your “bed :)” playlist. The lead vocals are smooth, the subject matter appropriately playful and coy, Hadar provides smooth backup vocals, and the electronic element, and high BPM (128 to be exact), will ensure that you can get personal without interrupting the flow of your love-making.

Like This!

“I Want You” Review.

First. One thing needs to be said, and I’m putting it in bold so ¬†you can’t miss it, you MUST download “Flying Overseas”

The listening session has ended, and the results are in. Theophilus London’s third mixtape, I Want You, is an experimental, poppy album drawing influences from a variety of places, amongst them, Marvin Gaye, The Cure, Prince, Ice Cube, and Carribean bands. The end result is an actual world-tour of sound that, although intended to be listened to as a single entity, works better as as isolated individual records. There is simply too much going on to truly appreciate all of the different sounds one after another…Pick a track individually though, and give it a listen through, and you will immediately realize that a lot of work and research went into this project. That is undeniable. Here are some of the highlights, although I encourage you to give the whole thing a listen. The download can be found HERE

1) Flying Overseas- Theophilus London

The anticipation I had for this song began cultivating over a month ago when Theo leaked a video on his blog of the production of the track, with a short audio snippet. That all came to an end when we sat down to spark an L before his show and I insisted that he played the track. He obliged, and my mind was blown. I don’t know any other artists who have captured a sound like this. I don’t even know how to describe it. You just need to put it on the highest-quality sound system that you have, close your eyes, and enjoy.

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

2) Sorry To Interrupt-Theophilus London

This song, an 80’s feel-good track in the vein of Madonna and Prince, features smooth vocals, an uplifting beat, and a retro feel that resonates in the modern day. It’s a very happy, contagious song that everyone will enjoy.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Reccomends)

1) Light Years-Theophilus London

This song, with a beat that feels like its stripped straight from a Stevie Wonder album, features a great female vocal track with a very 70s feel. A classic summer-jam perfect for an afternoon drive, this is picnic music right here baby. Also very perfect for a cocktail before a night on the town. I could keep going all day. Just listen to it.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Recommends)



The wait is over.

I have no idea why they picked this terrible website, but look hard for a minute and you should be able to find the download link for the zip file. Impressions of the album coming later, I’m going back to sleep now though.





Theophilus London’s Tracklist dropped today

Aditionally, he leaked another track off the album today, which you can download below.

Stay tuned for continued coverage leading up to tomorrow’s release.

1) I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover)-Theophilus London

Marvin Gay. Theophilus London. It’s a win-win for everybody. Interestingly enough, the genre that the track is sorted under is “Pop”, which is exactly what Theophilus described his sound as on our ride back from Milwaukee. A suitable description befitting the label which he has signed to, Warner, although you didn’t hear that from me…That said, the Warner signing could mean a Blu/Theophilus collaboration sooner than many expected. That track, when it drops, is sure to be one of the most memorable records of the entire year. Stay tuned.

(click here to download) (D2D Highly Reccomends)


Craziest night of second semester?

I’m super burnt out and hungover so I’ll keep it brief.

Last night was a blast. Theophilus was nice enough to leak a track off the upcoming mixtape to my boy MaxB, now we have it. Boom.

1) Oops (Oh My!) – Theophilus London

This one is def going on the sex playlist

(click here to download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

Good to be back.


Going on a Little Hiatus

This event is heating up, So unfortunately I will not be posting until this wednesday.

Heifitz will be dropping some tracks tonight, and who knows, maybe we’ll have an elusive Skolnick sighting.

In the meantime, watch Mickey’s concert drop if you haven’t already