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Miike Snow

One with the ci†y of ångels

I don’t even know where to start…I’ve been on blogging hiatus, I’ve moved states, said good bye to great friends, and I thought I’d have a chance to chill out but of course not, it’s memorial weekend. What better time to embrace patriotism and share some great music with our readers?

Miike Snow

So I just got home from seeing Miike Snow live in concert and i have no words. I’m dying to upload the videos I took. These masked villians are 2 of the 4 that make up Miike Snow, an indie-electro group from Sweden. They did Coachella, they’re touring the world and they are for real. I’ve never seen anyone tear the roof off of the El Rey quite like they did.  With spectacular lighting, thumping bass that echoed through your torso, a plethora of dance worthy electro tossed in with some softer songs, the quartet played just about everything we wanted to hear off of their debut album. But the best part was their unexpected solos that they would break into that was kind of dubsteppy giving some of their already hit songs live extended mixes not to be forgotten.

1) Animal – Miike Snow

We’re all animals. Here’s the first single from their debut album

(click here to download)

2) Silvia – Miike Snow

Yeah, all those remixes that you listen to at pregames and that DJs like Dirty South are bumpin all over the world. Thank Miike Snow. They are the originators. This track is up for best build up of the year in my mind

(click here to download)

3) Plastic Jungle – Miike Snow

This one got everyone going last night. The track title and lyrics hit home as well. Fucking love synths they use

(click here to download)

4) Cult Logic – Miike Snow

If I only had the lead singer’s voice. Funny, this track reminds me of Drake almost every time because of the remix The Hood Internet did of it mixed with Drake’s “Forever”

(Click here to download)

Bonus: Cult Logic Forever  (Drake vs. Miike Snow) – The Hood Internet

(Click here to download)

5) Black & Blue (Caspa Remix) – Miike Snow

This song’s great as is, but Caspa has been murdering the dancefloor with his dubstrep remixes lately so I wanted to share this version. Shout out to the homie at Trousdale the other night spinning dirty dub all night.

(Click here to download)

6) Caesar (Miike Snow Remix) – I Blame Coco (Featuring Robyn)

You can see Miike Snow’s amazing versatility with their wide array of different sounds and styles. I Blame Coco, Sting’s daughter and my brother’s friend, puts out a catchy tune with this heady remix and collab with indie-electro queen Robyn.

(Click here to download)



Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the best song ever.

The first time I heard this cut I was like yeah it’s a dece Miike Snow Remix, it wasn’t until last night when I was drunk as fruckkkkkk with the homies E-Fish and Ari that I realized that “Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)” is no longer the best remix of the year.

1) Silvia (Savage Skulls and Tony Senghore Remix)- Miike Snow

Some songs you can just tell that people took a long time to make and polish. This is one of those tracks. From the distortion of Andrew Wyatt’s vocals in the beginning, to the ENDLESS progression of the track, to the fucking oh my god it’s just literally the best song to listen to while drunk and rowdy ever. I want you to field test this track by getting a lot of drunk girls and guys in a room, turn off the lights, play this really loud, and see what happens. Just make sure you have renters insurance.

(click here to begin download) (D2D IMPLORES, NAY, BEGS YOU TO DOWNLOAD)