House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra



Had to post early today because that Lady Gaga picture is giving me nightmares.

So when Kopedale hits me and is like “Yo download this track it is such a Mulqueen track” I’m pretty stoked.

I peep the track, it starts out as a banger, and then, at the 1:30 mark I’m like shiiit I’ve heard this song before?!?

But where?

1) The Pope of Dope (Original Mix)-Afrojack

So yeah. this track pretty much has it all. steadily rising affected vocals over thumping bass-line, NORE sample, alarm-like synths, and progressive decreasing of loop length leading into the drop. In laymen’s terms, it’s a dutch banger. But like I said in the foreword, I had heard this song before…The question was, Where? Then it hit me. This song sounds exactly like Highbloo’s Remix of “I Love London”!!!!!!

(click here to download)

2) I Love London (Highbloo Remix)- Crystal Fighters

Now, I don’t want to accuse D2D favorite Afrojack of plagiarism, but these songs follow the exact same progression in the buildup, and especially in the drop at the 1:30 mark. (also the fact that they both drop at exactly 1:30 is slightly disconcerting.) I guess we have to look on the bright side…I mean, too much dutch house is never a bad thing right?

(click here to download)