House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra


First Aid… First.


1) First Aid (Original Mix)-Michael Woods ***FUEGO***

Michael Woods is in another world right now. He must have blacked out when he made this track. His productions are massive, dancefloor-crushers.



Jack Mulqueen Winter Mix 2011

Here it is.

A re-recording of the first hour of my opening set for Skrillex from last thursday. Enjoy 🙂

1)Winter Mix 2011-Jack Mulqueen ***Fuego***


Dirty Dirty Terrible Electro

I drank A bunch of 4Lokos and started mixing.

1) Dirty Dirty Terrible Electro- Jack Mulqueen

(Right-Click To Download) ***Fuego***



Serious Blog Lovin’: Lucky Date

Dillon Breslin is a very good friend.

But the nicest thing he ever did for me was tune me into fellow Columbia College student and Dirty Electro Maven, Lucky Date. Essentially, I dont know where he gets his sample-packs from, but Lucky Date has been able to come up with sounds that I didn’t even know exist. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re bringing him to Madison for a show next semester (Get at me Jordan!)

WARNING: For the sake of those around you, please give yourself ample elbow-room before listening to any of these tracks. Thank you.

1)The Anthem (Lucky Date Remix)-Zedd

This track, in my mind, was the logical starting point in your journey through Lucky Date’s warped dirty electro world where sounds are perceived in a completely different way and ultimately wind up coming together in a beautiful ragetacular symphony of chaos.

2)Latin Fever (Lucky Date Remix)-Wolfgang Gartner

The drop! oh my.

3)What You Need (Lucky Date Remix)-Tiga

This one should be called “What You Need” only in name, as, with the exception of some minor vocal sampling, this is entirely Lucky Date’s original production. I am wowed. I encourage you to listen to the original mix of this track to see just what Jordan has accomplished.

4)Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix)-Spencer & Hill

Sorry, I can only stream this one. But if you like what you hear, head to Beatport and cop it. This one hit the Beatport top10 in electro-house, and for very good reason. Beware the hidden Dubstep break. Disgusting!


Opposite ends of the spectrum

In one corner, we have a melodic progressive club track that DJ NVM shared with me, in the other corner, a bootleg of one of the two most epic tracks ever to drop.

1) Don’t Say A Word (Sharam’s Own Remix)-Sharam

Smooth, Luxurious, Proggy, Delicious.

2)Knas Insomnia (East & Young Mashup)-Steve Angello

Insomnia is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Knas is growing on me. This guy brings it all



Temabes Does G6

Temabes. The guy is a machine. The remixes keep on coming.

1) G6 (Temabes Remix)-Far East Movement

Temabes takes the Electro-House route on this remix. the result is ragetacular.



Temabes XXXO Remix

My mix’s file is so large that it really has been messing up the flow of the Blog and our readership’s ability to download tracks. So take this guy as a gift from me to hold you over until tomorrow.

1) XXXO (Temabes Remix)-M.I.A


Temabes has been on his game lately. And this remix is no different. I’m even giving it the ragetacular stamp of approval. I’m happy this blog is on his radar because he keeps sending me goodies. Hope you enjoy.

Tomorrow I will begin posting as usual. Got some great tracks for you coming up.