House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra



Yes, I know a lot of you are grumbling about this abundance of hip-hop, so we’re doing double duty this week in the lead-up to the upcoming show which means more good tunes for you. DJ Heif will be helping me carry this load as early as tomorrow, and Skolz should join short-after as soon as he’s done moping (love y0u RyRy)

1) With You Forever-Pnau

Caught this one off of my favorite set these days, The Twelves’ “Twelfth Hour”, which has been sitting in my ITunes library forever so I finally gave it a listen the other day and wow….It is spot-on. If you want to download that you can find it HERE. This track has a very Empire of the Sun feel to it…and rightly so, because PNAU is part of Empire of the Sun. Just download.

(click here to begin download) (D2D IMPLORES YOU TO DOWNLOAD)

BONUS: With You Forever (Dirty South Remix) – Pnau

D2D has mad love for Dirty South, so if you need something a bit housier, here you go. Personally I think the original is much better but they are both friggin’ sweet.

(click here to download)