House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

DJ Kue

Black N Yellow

I’m a little slow on the uptake right here, as this nugget of joy has been on 310 Electro and The Fresh Beat already, but why not?

1)Black N Yellow (DJ Kue Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

Love this Complextro Dubstep mixed with Electro mid-song thangggg

Bonus: Black N Yellow (Cookin’ Soul Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

GASP! Hip-Hop on Big10!?! Cookin Soul, my favorite Producer trio from Valencia, Spain. Bodies this track. Smokers rejoice. This is your anthem.

ps. Speaking of Espana, your boy may be flying out to Barca this coming semester for a DJ gig courtesy of the homie Kyke Navarro. stay tuned.




Sick new remix that Kue dropped on his Soundcloud last night.

1) Power (DJ Kue Remix)- Kanye West

(servers are down, so hit the jump for the Mediafire link)

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Reccomends*

This track comes with it. When I listened to it, 3 minutes in, I began wishing that Kue had incorporated the vocals from the first verse in in some way, and right then, my prayers were answered with a tremendous inclusion of the original first verse in its entirety, bringing the epic-ness of this track to an all-time high, and making it a big-room must-burn.