House Music, It's La Cosa Nostra

Erick Morillo

Nothing Better


1) Nothing Better (Muzzaik Remix)- Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick


This track opened up last week’s Essential Mix and rightfully so. It’s a dope remix. Download it.


On Another Level…

I just love when the same great vocals are recorded by two seperate vocalists and remixed by remarkable artists

I Get Lifted (Michael Gray and Danism Remix) – Erick Morillo Ft. Debora Cooper) – Click song to download

This Progressive House track builds up nicely with easy-to-sing-along vocals that anyone can learn the words to quickly. By the end of the song, you’re head bob will turn into a full on money dance.

I Get Lifted (Bob Sinclar Remix) – Barbara Tucker – Click song to download (RECOMMENDED)

Like the above track, the vocals here are the same. However, this remix has a funkier feel, kind of more bug out, but it sounds so nice. When the keyboard comes in at 3 minutes, it sounds like the gospel at church (i dont really know anything about church, just saying)  is singing about sheer happiness…

Music gets me LIFTED – nak3d

Life Your Life

Yes, Erick Morillo made “I Like to Move it Move it”

bet you didn’t know that.

1) Live Your Life (feat Shawnee Taylor)-Eddie Thoneick & Erick Morillo


At first, this track sounds so very Thoneick, to the point where you may be like, “Where is Morillo?” then something starts happening at 2:03 and by 2:15 it’s a full blown Deep V-Neck Wearing Morillo Jam. I dig it.