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Music-Blogging. It’s a very precarious business.

There are so many sources by which to get your music these days, so let me start by saying how honored I am that you include Big10 in your daily music regimen.

That said, you may wonder where I get my music from weekly. The breakdown goes like this:

20% Pete Tong’s Radio 1 Broadcast

15% Alex Koplin

10% You, my friends.

5% Artist Submissions

50% Other Blogs.

So that’s a lot of re-posting going on. Now, obviously, the end-game of every blogger is to spread good music to our friends, So we’re all in this together. But there are a lot of blogs which I have found music on, and shared with you, that deserve the Big10 Spotlight, and that you should be checking out regularly.

I have added a blogroll on the right side-bar. Check out these amazing sites and download from them regularly!


When you follow a blog for a long time you begin to catch the evolving musical tastes and preferences of its contributors. When speaking to the strengths of GDD, one must laud them for their consistency in delivering massive, epic track-after-track on a weekly basis. These guys are unwavering. They stay ahead of the curve, their site constantly churns out amazing posts, and they are sponsored by Avalon for fucks sakes. It is a testament to GDD That I would need more than two hands to count the amount of songs that I have posted on this blog, that I originally procured from GDD.


Whoever says DJing isn’t a woman’s game clearly has never met Dani Deahl. This fiery, outspoken, incredibly charming Chicago native delivers massive posts on a weekly basis, abundant with amazing remixes and powerful tunes. There is a reason that Dani finds her inbox flooded consistently with artist submissions. Her knowledge of production styles is scientific, her descriptions are spot-on, and the website’s layout is extremely easy on the eyes. Her knowledge of how to get the party started ensures that there’s something for everyone on this website, week-in and week-out, making her another frequently re-posted Big10 silent contributor.


Couldn’t do this list without giving props to my homie/next-door neighbor Anze “Alex Koplin” Kopitar. Since switching over from Blogspot to WordPress, Kope and S.Co have added a pristine, minimalistic aesthetics, embedded tracks, and, the key ingredient, their unwavering impeccable taste in all things progressive and electro-house. 1 out of every 2 times I walk into Kope’s room he is scouring Beatport diligently, breaking his bank to bring you the hottest new releases in stunning 320kbps, but that’s why we love him. Follow their site regularly and you will find your Itunes Library replete with incredible tracks in n0-time.


I can’t understand a word that they write, but isn’t that the beautiful thing about music? Being able to scour a website written in eastern-european characters and procure amazing tunes from there? Music transcends all barriers, and HouseGuiden is a prime example. With a more house-centric taste, favoring club epics from the likes of Morillo, Angello, Axwell and the lot as opposed to electro-house artists, this site has quickly risen to be a personal favorite of mine. Don’t let the language barrier throw you off, just download everything and you’ll find something you like.

5) TooManySebastians.Net

When shut down, I almost had an aneurism. Where else would I procure all of my amazing Electronic/Electro-Pop/Nu-Disco amazingness? Thankfully, They quickly resurfaced with a dazzling new website in tow. You know the term Miami Vice that I use on occasion to describe a track with that South-Beach feel? More likely than not it came from these guys. A wonderful change of pace from your usual 128BPM ragetacular beats, these guys are the Felix Jones to House Music’s Marion Barber.





Bang Bang Bang

Do you like to bang?

The Count & Sinden are a UK club/house duo from London formed in 2008 consiting of Joshua “HervéHarvey (The Count) and Sinden. They’re blowin up, as they’ve managed to reach the #1 spot on the UK Dance Singles with “Beeper,” not to mention having “Bang Bang Bang” featured on Entourage last night. Keep an eye on these homies. And the best part, they describe their sound as GHETTO HOUSEEEE.

Bang Bang Bang (Count & Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. Q-Tip & MNDR


Bonus: Blaze It – Hervé



One with the ci†y of ångels

I don’t even know where to start…I’ve been on blogging hiatus, I’ve moved states, said good bye to great friends, and I thought I’d have a chance to chill out but of course not, it’s memorial weekend. What better time to embrace patriotism and share some great music with our readers?

Miike Snow

So I just got home from seeing Miike Snow live in concert and i have no words. I’m dying to upload the videos I took. These masked villians are 2 of the 4 that make up Miike Snow, an indie-electro group from Sweden. They did Coachella, they’re touring the world and they are for real. I’ve never seen anyone tear the roof off of the El Rey quite like they did.  With spectacular lighting, thumping bass that echoed through your torso, a plethora of dance worthy electro tossed in with some softer songs, the quartet played just about everything we wanted to hear off of their debut album. But the best part was their unexpected solos that they would break into that was kind of dubsteppy giving some of their already hit songs live extended mixes not to be forgotten.

1) Animal – Miike Snow

We’re all animals. Here’s the first single from their debut album

(click here to download)

2) Silvia – Miike Snow

Yeah, all those remixes that you listen to at pregames and that DJs like Dirty South are bumpin all over the world. Thank Miike Snow. They are the originators. This track is up for best build up of the year in my mind

(click here to download)

3) Plastic Jungle – Miike Snow

This one got everyone going last night. The track title and lyrics hit home as well. Fucking love synths they use

(click here to download)

4) Cult Logic – Miike Snow

If I only had the lead singer’s voice. Funny, this track reminds me of Drake almost every time because of the remix The Hood Internet did of it mixed with Drake’s “Forever”

(Click here to download)

Bonus: Cult Logic Forever  (Drake vs. Miike Snow) – The Hood Internet

(Click here to download)

5) Black & Blue (Caspa Remix) – Miike Snow

This song’s great as is, but Caspa has been murdering the dancefloor with his dubstrep remixes lately so I wanted to share this version. Shout out to the homie at Trousdale the other night spinning dirty dub all night.

(Click here to download)

6) Caesar (Miike Snow Remix) – I Blame Coco (Featuring Robyn)

You can see Miike Snow’s amazing versatility with their wide array of different sounds and styles. I Blame Coco, Sting’s daughter and my brother’s friend, puts out a catchy tune with this heady remix and collab with indie-electro queen Robyn.

(Click here to download)

Atoms for Peace

Thom Yorke

Given that Radiohead is my favorite band of all time, a two hour trip to Chicago to see Thom Yorke perform with his new band was a relatively easy decision. This new rock supergroup formed late last year and has only put on a selected amount of shows across the U.S., of which this was the first I’ve been lucky enough to make it too. Shout outs to Logan, Amir, Ari and Bocian.

Apart from Thom, Atoms of Peace consists of Flea (RCHP’s legendary bassist), Nigel Godrich (longtime Radiohead producer) on guitar and keyboards, Joey Waronker (R.E.M., Beck, Smashing Pumpkins) on drums, and Mauro Refosco on percussion. These guys put on a hell of a show to a full house last night at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. If you haven’t been to this venue, which I doubt many of you have, it undoubtedly was among my favorites with amazing design, intimacy and acoustics. Click here to see what I mean Definitely try to get out there for a show!

They played just about all of Yorke’s solo album The Eraser, along with some of Thom’s newer cuts. But the biggest treat was the first encore, in which Thom performed three Radiohead songs: “Lotus Flower”, “Like Spinning Plates” and “Airbag.” Click here for the entire set list

Here’s some tracks to download and some videos from last night for your aural and visual pleasure:

1) Harrowdown Hill – Thom Yorke

This song really caught on to me last night with Flea geeking out with this bass line that perfectly suited him. The synths remind me of Depeche Mode.

(click here to download)

2) Black Swan – Thom Yorke

“Cause this is fucked up, fuckeeddd up”… Yorke’s voice is ageless. This is just another example of why we love him.

(click here to download)

3) The Eraser (XXXChange Remix) – Thom Yorke

This upbeat remix of The Eraser is very head-boppable and danceable. Enjoy

(click here to download)

4) Airbag (Acoustic) – Radiohead

Had to leave you with one of the Radiohead jams he performed last night. If you closed your eyes to this one, Radiohead in their entirety was there.

(click here to download)

We’re trying to integrate a new video player into the blog, but having trouble with it at the moment so click on these external links for footage from the show.

Atoms For Peace- Harrowdown Hill- Aragon Ballroom Chicago

Flea playing some crazy instrument – Atoms for Peace @ Aragon Ballroom in Chicago 4/11 from Justin Markell on Vimeo.

“Airbag” (solo) – Atoms for Peace @ Aragon Ballroom in Chicago 4/11 from Justin Markell on Vimeo.