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New Exclusives from

I was not privy to the wonders of until a few days ago, but what a pleasant surprise to wake up to an e-mail from their founder, Anton, with two exclusives for me to share with you! So add his website of tremendous repute to your every-day music-scouring routine, and check out these two Beat My Day exclusives below.

1) Save The World (Style of Eye & Carli Remix)-Swedish House Mafia (Preview)

2) Right Here, Right Now (Tristan Garner Remix)-Fatboy Slim (BMD Exclusive)



Candy for that SWEET tooth

Coming out strong for my first post to satisfy that sweet tooth for new bangers. Everyone has heard the classic Sweet Disposition remix, but these four mashups mix the classy Swedish House tune into some familiar and new jams. Check it.

1) Sweet Dreams Disposition (Eddie Thoneick bootleg) – The Temper Trap & Eurythmics

CRACK. Eddie Thoneick is a genius. Use of the Sweet Dream lyrics are impeccable in this mix.

2) Sweet Teenage Crime (Chris Delay mashup) – The Temper Trap vs Adrian Lux

CHRONIC Banger. Brilliant mashup of two classic Axwell jams. Scope it.

3) Sweet Body Language (MKC reboot) РBooka Shade vs The Temper Trap

This track caught me because it mixes the banging beat of Sweet Disposition with an electronic jam-band feel, different than what house fanatics like myself are used to.

4) Sweet Disposition (Morgan Page mix) – The Temper Trap

Morgan Page crushes another remix – slower, chiller style that is closer to resembling the original Temper Trap track.


Merry Christmas from!

What a wonderful time to be with family, drink egg-nog, listen to house music, and sleep with people who were in your high-school scene!

Here are 3 Must-have tracks.

1)Blow Up/Pump Up the Jam (SHM Bootleg)-Hard Rock Sofa & St Brothers ***FUEGO*** (set-rip)

Consider this an appetizer, a little taste of what to expect from the next big release on Axwell’s Axtone Records. The EP is set to have remixes from Hook & Sling and Axwell himself. I had a chance to listen to the Hook & Sling remix on tonight’s essential mix, and let me say, it is one of the biggest tracks I have heard in a very long time. This set-rip should hold you over until the actual release.

2)Space Junk (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner ***Fuego***

I know, I’m a bit slow posting this one, but it really has grown on me. Now I can’t stop listening to it. Cant wait to see Wolfgang next friday closing up TAO. I may die when he drops this. Expect a video. I’ll try to keep the geeking out to a minimum. Ps. whats up Dina!

3)Take Over Control (Manufactured Superstars & Jeziel Quintela Remix)-Afrojack ***Fuego***

Swagger-jacked from my homie Lev at Chubbybeavers. I almost didn’t download this, my rationale being, “Well, any time I’d play TOC I’d probably drop the Barletta remix…” Not so fast Jacky-boy. This proggy banger smoothes out the edges and highlights Eva Simmons’ vocals. Loving it.

Enjoy the Holidays peeps!


Take One

Courtesy of my homie DJ Bizerk, who is doing work at IU, Here is SHM’s Documentary, “Take One”, in its entirety.

Follow the directions to get english subtitles.

The Take One Documentary

Think Spinal Tap, but DJs.


Gettin’ Sweedy with It


1)Miami 2 Ibiza (Static Revenger Remix)-Swedish House Mafia **Dumb Hot**

I’ll be honest with you, I never liked the original mix of Miami 2 Ibiza. The sound seemed outdated. Static Revenger is able to out-SHM SHM in this track though, and I love the end result.

2)Contour (Original Mix)-Marco V *Hot*

Marco V in my mind is the producer who is most capable of capturing the essence of the SHM sound. This is only reaffirmed by how extensively SHM drops his tracks during their sets. His new single, Contour, is no exception. This is a big track.


Another Brick in the Wall

Fuego courtesy of my girl Alexa Rosen

1) Proper One (Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest Bootleg)-Swedish House Mafia vs. Eric Prydz **Dumb Hot**

Bumped this this weekend and people went nuts.



Big tune that the Swedish House Mafia have been dropping in a lot of their sets.

1) Reaver (Original Mix)-Marco V

(CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) *B10 Highly Recommends*

This track has such a SHM sound to it that it’s no wonder that they’ve been giving it regular burn in all of their sets. I am not familiar at all with Marco V but if he keeps putting out tracks like this he’s not going to fly under the radar for very long.