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Summer Anthems: Laidback Luke/Katy Perry

 As Electronic Dance Music enters arguably the first summer of its Golden Age, We can expect many of the massive summer tracks released by big producers to appeal to a wide audience. Could Laidback Luke have nailed it more tastefully with this release?

1) Last Friday Night (Laidback Luke Remix)-Katy Perry ***FUEGO***

This track has all the key ingredients of a massive summer anthem: 1) Its subject matter is a day of the week, meaning it will get played in every club on every Friday night, that you can just about guarantee. 2) It has the simple, singable lyrics that even the drunkest, jappiest girl couldn’t possibly screw up, but no extensive vocal break that makes it unappealing to DJs 3) Guitar Break! 4) Dreamy Synths 5) HUGE DROP.




1) Turbulence (Original Mix)-Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, & Lil Jon ***FUEGO***

This song won’t be available in the US for another week, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can have it now!


Laidback Luke Essential Mix 2/18/11

Laidback graced the two most important decks in the world with his presence last night.

The result is two hours of mercurial, capricious, high-energy dance classics.

This is a must-download for any dance-music lover.

1) Laidback Luke Essential Mix 02/18/11 -Laidback Luke

Because of the size of the file, I’ve uploaded it to our Mediafire. Hit the jump to be taken to the download link.



Unleash the Fucking Laidback

That Dada Life promo photo never gets old.

1)The Great Fashionista Swindle (Laidback Luke Remix)-Dada Life

Yoinked this guy off the Dada Life February Mix, which is absolute fuegs. Pick it up over at Chemical Jump



DJs…Wanna see people get weird on the dancefloor? Drop this track.

1) Are You Ready (Mahesa Utara Remix)-Angger Dimas ***Fuego***

Laidback dropped this track at Pacha NYC, I don’t even know how to describe it…Downtempo Dutch Dancehall Jungle Dubstep? Craziness. The place popped though. In a set filled with ragers, with people throwing their hands in the air, it was refreshing to see some bumping and grinding.



A Lovely Evening with Laidback Luke

First, some music.

1) Open Your What We Are (Laidback Luke Set-Rip)-Dennis Koyu

The Dutch takeover of Pacha NYC culminated with my #1 DJ in the world, the capricious Laidback Luke, playing probably the best set I have heard of his to date. Only the most avid House-heads packed Pacha NYC from wall-to-wall as many were attending the superclub for the second night in a row, but oh how they were treated as Luke once again demonstrated his unparalleled mixing expertise on the decks.

He played it all; current Electronic Dance Music hits, Hip-Hop (Dropping 99 Problems on everyone’s head, the crowd went absolutely nuts), even downtempo old-school Jamaican dancehall. It was amazing. The way he was able to jump around in BPM seamlessly like that, I’ve never seen anything like it.

One of the heaviest moments was when he set one deck to echo, scratched, spun the CDJ with the echo effect on, and dropped his remix of MSTRKRFT and Jon Legend’s “Heartbreaker”…In a word, spectacular. Video evidence below.

The Pacha NYC crowd was in a fever pitch. While the crowd for Afrojack was replete with people getting their first taste of the Pacha scene, allured by Jack’s mainstream endeavors, The Saturday crowd consisted more of the Pacha faithful, people who knew exactly what Luke was capable of doing behind the Pioneer 800. One of the heaviest drops had to be his timeless banger, “My GOD (Guns on Demo)”

As my readership is well aware, I am obsessed with Luke’s Edit of Proxy’s “Raven”. I think the drums that he added to the track are genius, and exactly what the cut needed to become memorable, timeless.

He’s a man of his word.

What a night. If I had to make one statement summarizing exactly why Luke’s sets are so special, it’s because the guy genuinely looks like he’s having fun out there. He’s enjoying the music he’s dropping just as much as his fans are, and that’s exactly what this movement is all about, the genuine love of music.

all photos below courtesy of Oliver Correa @ HiFi Cartel

Many thanks to Charlotte and the rest of the Pacha NYC team for making such an amazing night possible.

Laidback Luke @ Pacha Tonight!

Tonight is going to be a glorious night as Laidback Luke brings his signature, carefree vibe to Pacha NYC.

His mixing is unparalleled. his caprice is notorious. His DJ-ing stamina is commendable (Last time he played Pacha he DJ-ed for 6 hours!!!) Although you may be house-d out from Avicii Thurs and Afrojack Friday, this is sure to be the best party of the weekend.

Get your tickets here.

1) Yearmix 2010-Laidback Luke ***Fuego***

a taste of what to expect.