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End of an Era

It’s finals week. The Dover-Sole (White Hat) leaves tomorrow. The guys are being disbanded in Madison, and it may be a while before everyone is reunited in Madtown again. What a great way, then, to end what has been an epic year, with A-Trak performing at the Majestic Theatre last night. The show? Epic. The afterparty? Even more absurd. Oh and for the record A-trak is hands down the best hang of all these industry cats I’ve had the privilege of meeting thus far.

Here are two of my favorite tracks that A-trak dropped last night.

1) Variations (Original Mix)-Gesaffelstein ***FUEGO***

During the pre-game A-trak and I started talking about electro-house ish and I asked him who was the biggest up-and-coming producer to watch for in 2011. Without batting an eye he said Gesaffelstein. Later that night, he dropped Variations, which was a track I had a hard time finding an ID for during Boris Dlugosch’s January Mix. It’s a heavy track though. One of my goals this year is going to be to put as many people onto Gesaffelstein as possible.

2)The Joker (Original Mix)-Felix Cartal ***FUEGO***

One of the best moments during the show, was the transitioning from Heads will Roll (A-Trak Remix) into The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) and then into this track which I had never heard before. I immediately asked him after the show to ID it for me. I was pretty shocked when he told me it was Felix because I found it to be a diversion from Felix’s normal sound, but if this is the direction that his sound is headed in, I dig it.

BONUS: In celebration of the end of this era, an era which will probably be lost in my memory due to excessive Grey Goose/4Loko consumption, here is an electro-house symphony with a rather appropriate title.

Bonus Track: A Lost Era (Original Mix)-Gesaffelstein



So, What are you doing tomorrow night?

I’m going to be popping bottles, standing on furniture, and partaking in some hardcore chicanery and malfeasance with the homies in Chicago. Best part is, I’m going to do that all while peeping three of the top 25 DJs in the world.

Not going to be posting tomorrow, so I figured I’d leave you with a trifecta of tracks from the three artists we’ll be seeing, and PS. If you are in Chi City tmrw night, All of this is going down at Vision in River North. TICKETS HERE.

1) Get It (Original Mix)-Wolfgang Gartner


Wolfgang fucking Gartner. My favorite DJ right now hands down. Every record this guy drops brings it, and his newest single, Conscindo, which has been resting comfortably at the top of Beatport for the past couple of weeks, takes a dramatic step forward in terms of fusing his harddddddd production style with a more trancy, danceable, epic, club feel. I wish I had played more Wolfgang at the Ravemitzvah, but this is the one track of his that I did drop. Wait til the build-up…Your face will melt.

2) World Class Driver- Felix Cartal


Truth is I don’t know very much about Mr. Cartal, but this is the first song of his that I downloaded, and I’m digging it. Pumped to see him gig tomorrow night.

3) Breakaway-MSTRKRFT


To me, this was the best track on MSTRKRFT’s second LP, Fist of God. It doesn’t go as hard as the others, but that’s not a bad thing. This is a happy song. If they drop it tomorrow I will cop an extra bottle of Cliquet just to spray on all of my wonderful friends, and I will make sure there is a video of it to post on B10. Stay tuned.