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Madeon! (Major Bandwaggon Jumping)

Consider today the day where I officially announce my Mancrush for Madeon, the 16-Year-Old French House Producer who is on an absolute tear as of late. After winning D5’s official “Raise Your Weapon” remix contest, the young gun has gained worldwide acclaim. Don’t let his age fool you though, this is not a gimmick…This boy has raw disco-house talent.

In other news…STREAMING IS BACK!

1) Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)-Deadmau5

Madeon takes the heavy dubstep track and turns it into something that oozes neon.

2)The Island (Madeon Remix)-Pendulum

Love the synthy, new-wave sound that Madeon has captured. It’s an amalgam of 80’s, Complextro, and a plethora of other genres. I wasn’t hooked on Madeon though until I heard what he did to the song at the 3:20 mark. Wow.