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New Nicky Romero Previews Abundant

You can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. Feeding off the immense hype building around him, Nicky Romero has released two previews of upcoming tracks of his. One, a remix, the other, an original production dropping on Sander Van Doorn’s Doorn Records.

1)Keyword (Preview)-Nicky Romero

Coming to a club near you 6/6/2011. One of the things I love about Soundcloud is that you can just see a song building up into a massive climax. The visual cue heightens the anticipation of what you’re about to hear if you ask me. I can see how dorn decided to pick this one up though. Amazingly progressive/trancey feel/support of a fellow Dutchman, it all makes sense.

2) Out of the Dark (Nicky Romero Remix)-Housequake 

Dark, Subliminal tech-house. It’s amazing the diversity of sounds Romero is capable of effortlessly mastering. Every track, you see something different out of him. At the ripe age of 22 he seems incapable of relegating himself to a single sub-genre, and much more content extrapolating the essence of different styles of production, and putting his own unique spin on them. Bravo.